Wang wants to cheat the penalty after he fouls! Pique Rage: are you crazy?

 Wang wants to cheat the penalty after he fouls! Pique Rage: are you crazy?

At that time, venezus cut into the penalty area from the left side, forming a one-to-one relationship with sermedo. Vinicius took a step across Semedo and fell into the Barcelona area. After the ball came out of the sideline, Real Madrid even refused to take the ball out of bounds and asked rahos to watch the var. Rajos was not affected at all. He asked Real Madrid to kick out as soon as possible to keep the game going.

In slow motion, rajoss decision was accurate. When venezus cut through Semedo on the left, there was contact between the two mens feet. But it wasnt that Semedo tripped venezus, it was that venezus stepped on the instep of Semedo. This scene should have been called a Real Madrid offensive foul.

When venezus fell, pique and Artur had no physical contact with him, and the Brazilians intention of diving was obvious. At that time, Venezuelan had a yellow card on his back. If rajos blew his yellow card, the Brazilian would be sent off. Thats not his goal to break the deadlock for Real Madrid.

Venezuelan is crazy about penalty, pique cant see it, Barcelonas deputy against the Brazilian player. Are you crazy? Its you whos fouled. You need a penalty. Are you crazy? And I didnt touch you. I didnt touch you!

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