Beckhams first show in his career! 0-1 defeat by Bella

 Beckhams first show in his career! 0-1 defeat by Bella

Miami International is Beckhams team. This year, the team officially joined the major league of America. Miami International is really an international column, with 14 players from the United States, Jamaica, Panama, Argentina, Mexico, Scotland and Venezuela.

Miami International 11 starters

The only goal of the game was Carlos Bella, the Golden Boot winner of the major league last season. Before the end of the first half, Bella cut into the arc of the forbidden area on the right side, and then suddenly he shot from the left foot. Miami International goalkeeper stands in front, its too late for him to go back.

Beckham first made his name in those years, relying on a long-distance shot from the right side of midfield. In Beckhams first show in the bosss career, Arsenal veteran Bella also paid homage to Beckham with a flying shot.

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