The Louvre, France, was forced to close for fear of the outbreak

 The Louvre, France, was forced to close for fear of the outbreak

According to the reporter, the Louvre stopped receiving the audience in the morning of the same day, but no official news was released. Many people who came to visit the Louvre waited for hours at the door. Until noon, the official news of the Louvre was released. It was announced that the Louvre was closed in the morning, and it was announced that it was closed all day in the afternoon. When to reopen it needs to be notified.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia prevention measures related to public health information conference, which led to Le Louvre museums 1 day opening, according to official information released by Le Louvre Museum. The Louvre apologizes for the inconvenience. The official information is available in English and French only.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia was not recognized by Le Louvre museum management representatives and staff members during the meeting, according to media reports such as Agence France-Presse. Staff at the Louvre believe that managements arguments are not enough to convince staff and address their concerns..

According to the trade union members of the Louvre, about 300 people from the Louvre held a meeting on the morning of the 1st and voted to decide whether to go to work. As a result, 298 people voted not to go to work under the current situation. According to French law, enterprises must provide a working environment to protect employees health, and employees can refuse to work if they think their personal health is seriously threatened in the workplace.

At present, novel coronavirus pneumonia is tense in France, and more than 100 confirmed cases have been confirmed. French health minister grandpa Whelan announced that it would restrict public meetings and prohibit the gathering activities of over 5000 people in closed places. Large outdoor public activities would also be cancelled.

The Louvre is also a closed place with a daily audience of more than 5000, said galani, a representative of the French Federation of trade unions. The staff of the Louvre have reason to worry about this. He said he hoped that the management of the Louvre would seriously consider the health needs of its staff.