Trump: Yan bingtao is 5-10 years ahead of his peers

 Trump: Yan bingtao is 5-10 years ahead of his peers

At the end of the snooker championship in 2020, Yan bingtao challenges trump in the final. In the competition, trump had a clear advantage. In total, he hit two to break 100 and five to 50 +, beating Yan bingtao, who hit four to 50 + with a big score of 10-4, and won the 16th ranking champion and u00a3 125000 prize. After the game, trump still modestly said that he didnt play at his highest level, praised Yan bingtao for 5-10 years ahead of his peers, and joked that he would take advantage of his youth to win several times.

Here is the champions speech:

Im happy to win, but I didnt play at the highest level in the final. I hope that at the end of this season, I can accumulate some momentum. Its a good thing to win any championship at this time.

Yan bingtao played a lot of Anguo. According to my rhythm, the game must be accelerated. I put in some balls and started to score. I played a good few clips. His several failures on the simple ball let me seize the opportunity, but in the future he will be a very difficult opponent to win, so it is good to win him several times when he is young.

At his age, he performs better than all the other players of his age - he may be five to 10 years ahead of others. It seems that he is really eager to learn and improve, so he will grow quickly, train hard and enjoy the game at the same time. In the next two years, he will break through and win some titles.

I hope (can achieve the season 6 crown), this season still has several competitions, hoped that I can obtain a string of successive victories to win another champion. I have three opportunities (the Gibraltar open, the tour, the world championships) and now it looks like a good starting point. At present, the 5-crown record is shared by 5 of us (with Hendry, Ding Junhui, Selby and OSullivan). Of course, we hope to win another championship.

Next there will be some major events, if I can play good results, I will be particularly happy.

As a world champion, its not easy to maintain this level. Mark Selby has been number one in the world for many years, which is what I want to do in a way - to keep the world number one for four or five years in a row and make it impossible for others to catch up. Today, after winning the title, I got the advantage I needed to keep the world number one for a long time. I hope I can continue to do well in krusburg.

But its hard to keep the feel. Its very difficult to copy my excellent performance. Ive done well this season. I enjoy coming to this new stadium this week and playing in front of so many enthusiastic fans. I will try my best to win the record in the next competition.

Source: Netease sports Author: World Snooker editor: Cao Liqiao, ns1806