Two Italian basketball games will be empty for reporters not to enter

 Two Italian basketball games will be empty for reporters not to enter

The 27th round of the European Basketball League match between Milan and Real Madrid was scheduled to take place on March 3 local time, while the European Cup match between Brescia and Venice is scheduled to start on March 4, with both matches to be held empty. The European basketball league officials said they made the decision based on the guidelines of the World Health Organization and relevant national agencies, taking into account the current situation in Lombardy, Italy.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia was confirmed in Italy yesterday, with 1694 confirmed cases, including 34 deaths and 83 cured cases. The rapid growth of the number of infected people has also left the countrys medical resources stretched. Italy has to take tough measures in some areas, including suspending the assembly and closing classes.

The novel coronavirus will be further monitored and monitored in order to protect the safety of the players, coaches and referees and prevent the further spread and spread of the new coronavirus. Irrelevant personnel - including fans, VIPs, journalists and other team staff - are not allowed to enter the stadium, and activities around the team are cancelled accordingly.

Only a small number of necessary personnel can enter the stadium, including players, members of the coaching team, scorers, TV broadcasting team, venue operators and medical personnel. The official of the European Basketball League will also pay close attention to the development of the epidemic in Lombardy district.

It is worth mentioning that Milan coach Messina once said publicly that Italy has overreacted to the epidemic, and even jokingly said: if the game is not good, we will start coughing to scare the opponent, which will stop the game.