Still not back for battle! Guo Haowen: the sea is always peaceful

 Still not back for battle! Guo Haowen: the sea is always peaceful

The sea always makes people calm [breeze] [breeze] [breeze], Guo wrote on his microblog yesterday, and he also showed photos of watching the sea in Qingdaos May 4th Square.

Not yet focused? There was a message from the fans. According to the address displayed on the microblog, Guo Haowen is still in his hometown of Qingdao and has not gone to Nanchang, Jiangxi, where the August 1st team is located.

Guo Haowen was born in January 2000. He began to play CBA in the 18-19 season. Last season, he played 43 games for the Bayi team, averaging 9.1 points and 1.8 assists per game. He was also selected into the Chinese mens basketball team, became the first national player after 00, and participated in the world Cup qualifier on behalf of the Chinese team.

In the 30 games at the end of this season, Guo Haowen has played 19 games in total. Since the game with Shanghai team on December 10, Guo Haowen has never appeared on the court again. In this season, Guo Haowens performance fluctuated greatly. When the average time on the court increased by 4 minutes, except for the score increased by 1.6 points, rebounds and assists decreased significantly. The three-point ball hit rate Only 22%.

Guo Haowen has very high talent and attack ability, but he doesnt do well in attack selection. As a control position with height over 2 meters, he is too infatuated with individual attack and neglects organization.

The new January is coming. Have a good rest, make good adjustments, live a good life and work hard. Come on! Take advantage of the time, relax! When you stand on the court again, there will be no more such tranquility, the netizen encouraged.