The first miracle in active service cant be copied: I didnt expect it

 The first miracle in active service cant be copied: I didnt expect it

In 2016, musai became the city manager. In the 2016-17 season, Manchester City failed to make a profit, and guarai was in a dilemma. In 2017-18, Manchester City won the Premier League Championship and the League Cup. In 2018-19, Manchester City won the Premier League Championship, the League Cup and the FA Cup. This season, Manchester City have won the Carling Cup again. In addition, city are the 2018-2019 Community Shield champions. That is to say, Manchester City won eight of the last nine domestic titles (at the Premier League level) but missed the 2017-18 FA Cup (won by Chelsea).

After the game, guarai also said that Manchester Citys miracle can not be copied. I think its a remarkable achievement. We have won eight of the last nine domestic competitions. It is very difficult for any team to copy this, not only for us, but also for our opponents. This requires sufficient stability. When you look back at this time, you will understand how special these players are

In every game, we showed ourselves. Its the best thing I can give the team. In my opinion, its very important for everyone to understand that we have the heart to win the championship. Aguero has won 13 titles here, and the strikers from behind will be compared with him. To be honest, I didnt expect that we could achieve such a result. Whats most impressive is that many Premier League champions will fall sharply in the following season, ranking fifth, sixth or seventh in the league, but we are still the second in the league and 7 points ahead of the third.

In the Carling Cup, Manchester City have won three consecutive titles, seeking defeat alone. Gua is also the second manager in history to lead the team in the Carling Cup for three consecutive titles, the first is Liverpool legend coach Paisley. Winning three times in a row is a huge success, which shows the stability of the team and is unparalleled. On the whole, we are doing well today. In every game we play, we want to win, he said

Since the beginning of his first-team coaching career in 2008, guarai has won 29 Championships (14 in Barcelona, 7 in Bayern and 8 in Manchester City), which is the highest number of current coaches in the world. In history, only former Manchester United manager Ferguson (48 in 39 years), former Donetsk miner manager Mircea lucescu (32 in 40 years) and former Soviet super Celtic manager Willie Marley (30 in 43 years) have won more titles than guarai. In the next two years, guardsman is expected to increase the number of titles to be second only to Sir Alex. Considering the fact that he is still young, it is not impossible for him to surpass Sir Alex.

Its almost the same as winning the final. Data shows that guashuai led the team to the finals 25 times, winning 21 of them. In Manchester City, the winning rate in the final is 100% (2 Community Shield champions, 3 league champions and 1 FA Cup champion).

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