Foreigners staying in Wuhan: every day they go to Leishen mountain to make a living

 Foreigners staying in Wuhan: every day they go to Leishen mountain to make a living

She was still wearing the pajamas that had not been changed when she left Xianning in a hurry 40 days ago. On that day, Chen Xins four and a half month old daughter had a fever of 40.7 degrees, which made her so anxious that she drove to the hospital with her husband and mother in pajamas. First, I went to the hospital of Jiayu County in Xianning. After the examination, the doctor said it might be encephalitis. I suggest that I send it to Wuhan for consultation immediately.

Chen Xin never thought that he would go to Wuhan for medical treatment, but he was trapped here and almost on the street. One side is the daughter who has not recovered, the other side is the father who is ill at home.

Chen Xin and other foreigners who are also stranded in Wuhan gather in a crowd of 500, and they all share a common desire: to go home.

Fengcheng moment

These stranded people entered Wuhan before the city was closed for various reasons, some came to see a doctor, some came to visit relatives, some came to travel, some got off the wrong highway and were trapped here after the city was closed. They were all anxious to wait for the day to go out.

On January 17, Liang Xiuwen, who is in Jiangmen, Guangdong Province, left for Wuhan to visit his relatives. My sisters mother-in-law is in Wuhan. Years ago, my sister returned to Wuhan to have a second child. Liang Xiuwen wants to bring her parents and children to visit her sister. She drives her elder son, who is studying in Guangdong Province, to bring her to celebrate the new year together.

Before departure, Liang Xiuwen saw the news about pneumonia of unknown cause in Wuhan. He was a little worried, so he called his sister to ask about it. Sister said, its been announced on the news. Its a rumor. Several people have been arrested. Its OK. Were all OK.. The elder sister said several times that she was ok, which relieved Liang Xiuwens worries.

Just came to Wuhan, because my sisters family lived in the countryside, so I didnt feel the tension of the epidemic, its the same as before, no change..

The day before the city was closed, my sisters second child was born, and my brothers family also came. The three families were all happy for the new birth. Its very lively when we get together. Before the new year, we have already begun to have the new year flavor.

On the morning of the 23rd, after Liang Xiuwen woke up, she saw the news of 10:00 closure of the city. At this moment, she realized that the epidemic might be unusual. She had reached the point of closure of the city. She began to be a little flustered. She discussed with her family whether to hurry up while there was still some time.

At that time, we discussed that it should not be sealed for too long, and we were also planning to celebrate the new year here. It was not very interesting to leave just a few days after we arrived. She recalls. So the Liang Xiuwen family stayed.

At this time, Chen Xin, her mother and husband were in the ward with their four and a half month old baby. Looking at the ward where the four patients originally lived, the other families gradually left, leaving only their family at last.

Before going to Wuhan, Chen Xin and her husband had been paying attention to the epidemic on Weibo, but at that time they didnt say people to people, we think its about the same as class A. We didnt think so much, so we rushed to Wuhan..

On January 20, Chen Xins daughter was diagnosed with sepsis at the Wuhan maternal and child health care hospital and was admitted to the ICU, waiting for a lumbar puncture operation.

Chen Xins daughter lived in four patients in the ward. On the morning of the closure of the city, the mother of a child in the next bed urged the nurse to finish the injection and said that they would leave the city and go home before 10 oclock. Chen Xin recalled that some of the patients in the hospital left that day. A two-and-a-half-month-old baby in the same ward, who had just come out of the ICU a few days ago, was also advised to go home.

A few days ago, the doctor also told Chen Xin to be ready for the new years Eve in the hospital, because her daughters fever has not yet subsided, and the highest level of antibiotics that need to be assisted by machines have been hit. The old hospital does not have such equipment.

Therefore, the news of Fengcheng didnt bring too much waves to Chen Xins family, lets think of Fengcheng for a week or two, when the baby is OK, we can go back..

Every night, Chen Xin and her daughter huddle in a bed, and her mother sits in a chair beside her. In the first few days, Chen Xins husband was sleeping in a chair in the corridor. After the closure of the city, the hospital said that in order to prevent cross infection, only one family member could be left, but Chen Xin couldnt take good care of her daughter alone, so she asked her mother to stay together, and her husband went to sleep in the car.

Her daughter still has a fever. She often cries at night. Once she cried so much that she woke all the children and family around her. Chen Xin and her mother could only take her daughter to the corridor and walk around with her. When she fell asleep, she would go back to the ward.

On New Years Eve, Chen Xins daughter went to bed after injection. She remembered her daughters scene of doing waist wear two days ago. A long needle was inserted into such a small body and pulled out the cerebrospinal cord from the bone seam. Her daughter kept crying, and she kept crying.

She couldnt sleep. She was bright in the daytime and in a good mood. At night, the whole world was gray. I got up and stood by the window, looking out of the window at the noisy street in front of the city, which has become quiet recently.

Chen Xin stands in front of the window on New Years Eve.

A distant siege

Chen Xin felt that the period after the closure of the city was like ten years.

On January 29, the doctor talked to Chen Xin and suggested that she take her daughter home. Chen Xin is confused. Dont you have to wait until the antibiotics are degraded? Doctors implicitly expressed that staying in the hospital might be more dangerous and let them weigh it.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia is becoming more and more serious. Children in this ward have pneumonia. Chen Xin and her husband discuss with them to help their daughter discharge.

The next day, Chen Xin left the hospital with her daughter. Her daughters condition has not yet stabilized. The four of them met with another problem: if there is no home in Wuhan, where shall we live?

She called many hotels, none of which was willing to receive. Chen Xin calls for help and hopes to apply to go home from Wuhan after explaining the situation. She called the mayors hotline, traffic control bureau to CDC, community, help station When the phone calls, the other party will always give her the next call. After a circle of calls, it goes back to the origin. You can call the mayors hotline to ask..

Chen Xin looks at her feverish baby. She thinks it doesnt matter if she experiences all this alone, but the baby is still so small. If you go on like this for another two days, you will be wandering in the street with your baby What should I do? Help me. Chen Xin helplessly sent a micro blog for help.

On the night of discharge, Chen Xins family spent the first night in the car. The next day, a friend saw her micro blog and said that her house was empty, and the spare key was under the carpet at the door for Chen Xins family to live in.

At last, there are places to live, but problems still follow. One night, Chen Xins father had a heart attack at home by himself. He sent a wechat to Chen Xin saying that his body couldnt move and his head was wooden. Chen Xin called 120 for his father, but when the community registered at home, they heard that Chen Xins father had come back from Guangzhou and left.

That night, Chen Xin did not dare to hang up his fathers phone, and from time to time said a few words to confirm his fathers safety. Chen Xin didnt hang up until his father took the medicine and said he was getting better and a little sleepy.

More anxious to go home than Chen Xin is her mother. On one side is her sick father, on the other side is her grandfather, who has been in poor health. Mother couldnt sleep at night. She sat there like an owl. she sat there for half a day.

Grandpa just had a bypass operation years ago. Recently, he had a heart attack and took oxygen at home. Chen Xins mother didnt dare to let the two old people go to the hospital alone. Her mother and grandmother called and cried. Chen Xin also wanted to cry, but she was afraid that her mother could not bear to cry, so she could only bite her lips and bear it.

Recently, grandma and grandpa rely on their neighbors to throw in food. Whoever has more food upstairs or downstairs will put a little at Grandmas door, knock and leave.

Chen Xin said that if you can have a family together, you can take care of your baby and father, and your mother can take care of your grandparents. But now they are separated from each other, unable to make it together, which is too weak.

Liang Xiuwen is more and more flustered. The first thing she wakes up every morning is to look at the real-time data of the epidemic. Her heart is gripped by the growing number of infected people, and her anxiety grows exponentially. Two days ago, Liang Xiuwen had a dream that she had returned to Jiangmens home by cycling. But when I woke up, I was still in Wuhan.

My 5-year-old daughter was very happy when she first came here. She spent the whole day playing with several children of her relatives family. Recently, I began to play tired. In addition, my family was short of fruits and vegetables. My daughter cried for a long time and didnt eat meat. She also wanted to eat grapefruit. She always chased her and asked, Mom, when can we get back to our home?

There are more than ten people in three families to eat together every day. We cant sit down at the dining table. We can only eat them in batches. The old and children will eat them first, and the rest will eat them later. Liang Xiuwen is also embarrassed to eat more every day. He feels that his family of five people living in his elder sisters family has caused a lot of troubles.

You see such a large family, we have to eat all the food. Now things are not easy to buy. the village is under control. Only the boss of the villages small sales department can go out and buy goods every few days to protect the materials of the villagers. Most vegetables are more than twenty yuan a Jin, even potatoes are seven or eight yuan a Jin.

On the other hand, Liang Xiuwen spent more than 50000 yuan in the month when he couldnt go back, including rent, employee salary and loan repayment. If I dont go back, I will go bankrupt..

On February 20, Jiangmen government lifted the restrictions on personnel from key epidemic areas to come to Jiangmen, and gradually began to return to work. Liang Xiuwen was even more worried when she heard that other friends who were self-employed began to open their doors.

The struggle in the city

Huang Liang is a filial and moving person in Hubei Province. During his three years of working in Wuhan, he worked as a construction worker and as a temporary security guard. Originally, it was planned to go home on the 23rd, because Wuhan was close to home, and Huang Liangs tickets to go home were all bought as he went. It was more than 11 oclock when he woke up on January 23. After watching the news push, he knew that Fengcheng was closed, and he could not go back.

Compared with being unable to return home, what makes Huang Liang more scared is that he cant go out to earn money. It used to be that I didnt do any temporary work, and I didnt have much savings in my hand. If the city was sealed for a long time, I might not be able to survive.

On the fifth day of the first month, Huang Liangs friend living in a community said that he was recruiting temporary workers at the Leishen mountain. Huang Liang was worried about finding some work to earn money, so he went to Leishen mountain with his friend.

Huang Liang recalled that the two days when he went to work, there were so many people there. At that time, he looked at so many people and was puzzled: Why did the government close the shopping malls and call on the residents to isolate and not gather? There was no one on the street, but so many people on the construction site were so close to each other?

Working eight or nine hours a day, Huang said he was not very tired. There are so many people, all of them are piled up by people.. The two days when he worked in Leishen mountain were the best two days for Huang Liang since the city was closed.

After two days work, he said that he didnt need temporary workers. Huang Liang lost his job again.

Wang Tianming, 28, came to Wuhan after Fengcheng, in order to make money earlier.

His family is in Tianmen, which is more than 100 kilometers away from Wuhan. In the past year, he worked as a courier crowdsourcing rider in Wuhan. On January 10, his house rented in Wuhan expired, and he went home for the new year first.

After the new year, he couldnt hold back at home. He wanted to go back to Wuhan to deliver the takeout. Maybe there were few takeout staff and he could make more money. At that time, the information in many places was not unblocked, as if it was not as terrible as it is now, so I came back..

At that time, although the city had been closed, there was no limit to entering the city. On February 1, he hitchhiked back to Wuhan with a friend.

But when it came to Wuhan, Wang Tianming found that the situation was totally different from what he imagined. After getting out of the car, he first went to find his electric car and found that he couldnt find it. Back to the place where the house was rented, the owner said he could not renew it.

He first checked into a hotel near Hankou railway station, 50 yuan a day, still within his range. That day, after staying in the hotel, he went to the supermarket to buy food. Just out of the supermarket, he saw a man in his 50s turning over the garbage can. The man said, there is no food in the garbage can now.. He felt very pitiful and handed over a package of food he had just bought. The man said, thank you. I havent eaten for several days. Wang Tianming went back to the supermarket and bought himself another bag.

He tried to rent a house on top of the eggshell, but failed. On February 23, Wang Tianming spent all his 4000 yuan and decided to walk home.

Over the years, Wang Tianming has been used to running outside. When he was 16, he dropped out of school to work in Guangdong. He had the experience of escaping from Dongguan black brick factory and walking to Huizhou, so he thought it was not difficult to go back to Tianmen from Wuhan. As soon as he left the house early, Wang Tianming set foot on his way back.

Back to the origin

Wang Tianming called his walk home charge.

When I met many checkpoints along the way, I walked around and took a different path from the field. in the evening, he arrived at the border of Wuhan and Hanchuan, near the Hanjiang Bridge, by riding a motorcycle and walking a relay.

Here, he met another checkpoint. Next to the checkpoint is the river. He walked around the river for two kilometers, trying to find other routes, but found that if he wanted to bypass the checkpoint, he must cross the river.

So Wang Tianming went back to the river and wanted to swim. He lost his clothes and stood by the river to think about what to do. At this time, the auxiliary police on duty on the bridge saw him and shouted to ask him what to do.

After the auxiliary police inquired about Wang Tianming, they called the police. Later, the police of Xingou police station came to take him to the hospital for a physical examination. The results showed that it was normal. The police said they would send him to the rescue station, but Wang Tianming refused. I used to go to the rescue station in Guangdong, and after I went in, they collected all your things. Its not free, so he didnt want to go.

It was more than 11 oclock in the evening. Wang Tianming wandered in the street for a while, and didnt know where to go. When the mobile phone stopped working, he couldnt call others, so he called 110 again. Around 1:00 a.m. on February 24, the police of Sandian police station sent Wang Tianming to the resettlement site to live.

Ah, I failed to charge, said Wang Tianming. What really persuaded him to stop was the words of the assistant police on the river at that time. Even if you really swam past, there are dozens of checkpoints behind you. Wang Tianming thinks about it. After walking for half a day, he doesnt know how many checkpoints he has met. He has to walk around every time. Its really too hard.

So Wang Tianming went back to the origin.

On February 24, Wuhan release issued two circulars successively. First, it mentioned in circular 17 that foreign personnel staying in Han can leave the city. Novel coronavirus Pneumonia Control forenoon Circular No. eighteenth was released only 3.5 hours after the release of the Wuhan release. It was announced that the Announcement No. 17 issued in the morning was invalid. (No. eighteenth)

In these three and a half hours, all the foreigners staying in Wuhan felt like riding a roller coaster.

Liang Xiuwen said that when he saw circular 17 in the morning, he felt like he had won five million lotteries. When he saw circular 18 again, he felt like going to cash the prize. As a result, he was told that the lottery had expired.

She is not willing to call the prevention and control headquarters to ask if she can issue a pass in the name of her husbands fire department, or it wont work. She gave up, took out the packed luggage one by one, and could only cheer with wechat friends. She sent a picture of the Magnolia at the door, and voiced to her friends, look at the flowers, and youll be in a better mood..

The Magnolia shared by Liang Xiuwen in the group.

Chen Xin was not surprised when she saw circular 18. She said that after so many experiences in this period of time, she was not surprised by the direction of things.

When she left home, the baby was only four and a half months old, and now she has two lower front teeth. Chen Xin said that when she saw her babys two white teeth, it was her happiest moment in 40 days.

Huang Liang said that even if he was to be unsealed tomorrow, he would still stay to find a job to earn money and not rush back. The rent has been in arrears for five days. I havent eaten so many vegetables and meat since I came back from Leishen mountain.

On February 27, Wuhan released the rescue channel for people stranded in other places in China. Some friends knew Huang Liangs difficulties, so they forwarded the link to let Huang Liang fill in the application.

On that day, Huang Liang sent some radishes and cabbage to the street. Huang Liang said he was satisfied. He said there must be many more people who are more difficult than himself. If I have something to eat, I will try my best to save my life. After the epidemic, I will rely on myself.

Chinese colleagues send their own password lock password to foreign teachers in Wuhan

Sending masks, dishes and medicine is a common charity now. But when frank, a foreign teacher at Wuhan Maple Leaf School, was in a shortage of materials, Wang Wei, a Chinese teacher at the same school, sent a string of passwords. This is the access code of Mr. Wangs house - people say that she can help others with her money, but she can help others with her nest - whatever she needs.