Nanjing, Jiangsu Province provides non differentiated epidemic prevention and control services for entry Chinese and foreign personnel

 Nanjing, Jiangsu Province provides non differentiated epidemic prevention and control services for entry Chinese and foreign personnel

Recently, the epidemic situation in some countries and regions, including the surrounding areas, has been expanding. The novel coronavirus pneumonia control headquarters issued a circular on further prevention and control of epidemic situation during the resumption of work in Nanjing in February 29th, in order to effectively prevent the epidemic from spreading internationally. The fourteenth countries have put forward specific requirements for strict prevention of the importation of disease and strengthening the management of entry personnel. The launch of circular 14 received positive response and support from foreign friends in Nanjing and the association of foreign chambers of Commerce. The Korean Chamber of Commerce and the Japanese Chamber of Commerce and industry also issued proposals to cooperate in the prevention and control of the epidemic and the resumption of production.

The foreign friends working and living in Nanjing are the new citizens of Nanjing, who are treated equally with the citizens of Nanjing in terms of epidemic prevention and control. For the Chinese and foreign personnel coming from some countries and regions with serious epidemic situation to Nanjing and returning to Nanjing, special channels shall be set up at the airport, measures such as temperature detection, wearing masks, filling in health declaration cards, etc. shall be implemented, and any abnormality shall be handled in a timely and standardized manner; centralized medical observation shall be carried out for 14 days, and the symptomatic personnel shall be sent to designated medical institutions for examination and treatment in a timely manner. The adoption of the above epidemic prevention and control measures conforms to the relevant laws and regulations, is also the need of epidemic prevention and control work, and more guarantees the health and safety of Chinese and foreign personnel. For foreign friends who live at home or observe intensively, they should respect religion and customs, provide necessary guarantee and assistance, and help solve practical difficulties in life.

No winter is insurmountable, no spring will not come! The novel coronavirus pneumonia is a common challenge facing all mankind, and requires the international community to work together. At this special moment, lets stand by each other and work together to overcome the difficulties.

The Foreign Affairs Office of Nanjing Municipal Peoples government provides you with 24-hour multilingual duty hotline services: 025-68787300, 68787321.