How to protect the bike during the epidemic?

 How to protect the bike during the epidemic?

At present, the main mode of transmission of the new coronavirus is still droplets and contact transmission. Wearing masks, paying attention to coughing etiquette and maintaining hand hygiene can effectively prevent the spread of the virus. Theoretically, there is a risk of virus pollution in the recycled subway tickets, but the probability is very low. It is recommended to wash hands in time after using subway tickets. When conditions permit, it is recommended to use personal transportation card or mobile app for payment.

When using the public toilet, please wear the mask correctly. When using the toilet, cover the toilet cover before flushing. After going to the toilet, wash your hands with hand sanitizer (or soap, etc.), dry them with dry cell phone, or wipe your hands with disposable paper towel.


Six health protection tips for office workers from disease control experts:

1. do novel coronavirus pneumonia if you are not sick. If there is any suspicious symptoms of new coronavirus pneumonia, including fever, cough, sore throat, chest tightness, dyspnea, fatigue, nausea and vomiting, diarrhea, conjunctivitis, muscle soreness, etc., do not work sick. Wear a mask to see a doctor in time.

2. In principle, the staff in the single person office environment may not wear masks. For the staff in the multi person office environment, if the office environment is loose and well ventilated, and they are confirmed to be in good health, they may not wear masks. Masks should be worn in other working environments or in environments where risks cannot be determined. It is generally recommended to wear disposable medical masks.

3. Wash hands or disinfect with hand disinfectant after contacting with objects that may be contaminated. When you go home, you must wash your hands first.

4. Keep the environment clean and clean, and clean the garbage in time.

5. Public goods and public contact goods or parts shall be cleaned and disinfected regularly.

6. Try to avoid taking the van elevator. If the floor is not high, it is suggested to take the stairs instead. When entering the elevator, wear a mask, try to reduce contact with the elevator surface, reduce eye rubbing, nose picking and other behaviors. Wash your hands after touching the elevator button.

(source: China WeChat CDC official account, Beijing Youth Daily)