Micro medicine welcomes Cai Qiang to join as CFO in Hong Kong IPO process is expected to accelerate

 Micro medicine welcomes Cai Qiang to join as CFO in Hong Kong IPO process is expected to accelerate

According to public information, Cai Qiang entered AIA China in 2009 and became the first president of internal cadastre of AIA China. Under Cai Qiangs guidance, the value of AIA Chinas new business tripled from 2009 to 2013.

In 2017, Cai Qiang was promoted to the regional CEO of AIA group, responsible for AIAs business in China, Vietnam, Malaysia and other regions. Cai Qiang himself has repeatedly said in public that the business model of insurance + health is a win-win model of great health, and Chinas great health industry will have a market potential of tens of trillion yuan.

Liao Jieyuan, chairman and CEO of the board of directors of micro medicine, said in the appointment document: Mr. Cai Qiangs excellent management experience and broad international vision will promote us to serve more users with higher efficiency.

Cai Qiang has joined in micro medicine or is optimistic about many policies and industries in the field of digital health. With the countrys increasingly sound policy system in innovating the payment method of medical insurance, encouraging the development of Internet diagnosis and treatment and commercial health insurance, it has found a new growth space for the combination of insurance and digital medical services, a market person told our reporter

It is understood that in recent years, micro medicine has completed the upgrading of business and organizational structure around the core strategy of digital health community, and set up 5 business groups including micro medicine, micro medicine, micro medical insurance, micro medical equipment and micro medical cloud. This introduction of executives may be an important step to promote the upgrading of business organizations. At the same time, the reporter of Securities Daily learned from the person in charge of micro medicine that the company has recently launched a global talent recruitment plan, and a number of top management and professional talents in the industry may join in the future.