60percent of production capacity is inferior to 130percent of stomach! Frozen dumplings need to be pre sold when they are bought

 60percent of production capacity is inferior to 130percent of stomach! Frozen dumplings need to be pre sold when they are bought

Frozen dumplings rarely seen in supermarkets

Quick frozen dumplings in short supply

1. Offline:

Ran 4 stores to buy after the Spring Festival, the supermarket increased the frequency of supply

Frozen dumplings? No! Only tangyuan. Boiled dumplings? I didnt even get it! On February 28, Red Star News reporters visited four supermarkets in succession, including you + mart, No. 5, section 3, West 1st ring road, Hongqi supermarket, No. 13-10, section 6-1, West 1st ring road, Dehui supermarket, and Wowo convenience store, No. 46, Qingyang North Road. They found that only the last convenience store had frozen dumplings, and other places were out of stock.

A staff member of the above-mentioned Hongqi supermarket told Red Star news that after the Spring Festival, frozen food, especially frozen dumplings, were basically gone and had been out of stock. Red Star News reporters at the scene saw that, in addition to the sale of dumplings marked on the price tag, there was no trace of it in the freezer. In the Wowo convenience store, there are only more than 10 bags of pork and mushroom dumplings in the freezer. These goods only came yesterday afternoon. If you dont buy them, you may not have them in the afternoon. Said a staff member of the convenience store.

The head of Sichuan Yonghui Supermarket Co., Ltd. told Red Star news that from January to now, among all the frozen food categories, the sales of dumplings of yearning and Sanquan are particularly good, often in short supply. Take February as an example, the average daily sales of a store is about 2500 yuan. According to its observation, people who buy frozen food are mainly families and single office workers who are unable to go out for purchase due to restrictions, generally, they will buy a lot at one time.

In order to get more goods, Yonghui increased the frequency of purchase, basically every other day to purchase, goods to each store, basically a few days after the sale.

At the same time, Liang, who runs meimeijiayuan supermarket in Guangyuan, Sichuan Province, told Red Star News, the sales volume of frozen food increased by about 40% compared with the same period last year. Among them, the sales of the quick-frozen dumplings of missing and Sanquan are very good, and the goods are also the most in short supply. Yang, who runs Dehui supermarket in Guangyuan City, Sichuan Province, also confirmed to Red Star News reporters that the supply of frozen dumplings is in short supply and the sales are booming.

2. Online:

Netizens exclaim that a long part of dumplings will be pre sold

Later, the Red Star News reporter logged into Taobao and found that the official flagship store of missing food had been surrounded by 217000 people, and 1126 people paid for a dumpling in the store.

However, in the buyers evaluation, some buyers said that the waiting time was a little long, I originally wanted to buy food for the Lantern Festival, and received it at the end of February. Thats right. Its 5 days for express delivery on the road. Its too long.

Dumpling online pre-sale

It is worth noting that, with the hot sale of products, the shortage and out of stock of major manufacturers began to appear on the Internet. As of February 28, only six of the official flagship stores of missing food Jingdong were on sale; almost all dumpling products in the official flagship store of Sanquan food tmall had the mark of 15 days delivery in advance; the official flagship store of Anji food tmall also had the mark of pre-sale in the sale of quick-frozen rice noodle products.

Industrial chain

Miss 200 million inventory sold out orders increased significantly

Why does this happen?

1. Factory:

There is almost no room for turnover in inventory

Every November to march is the peak season of frozen food sales, and the summer is the off-season, the head of missing Food Public Affairs Department said in an interview with the Red Star News reporter However, only in terms of the amount of business in the recent stage, it increased by about 30% year on year, the person in charge said. At the end of the year, we had about 200 million yuan in stock, but now the goods have been delivered. According to the market survey, the market demand for quick-frozen dumplings increased 80% year-on-year, with Guantang dumplings accounting for the largest proportion of sales, there is basically no room for turnover in inventory, the person in charge said

According to reports, in order to meet the market demand, the company began to resume production on February 3. There are 21 production lines in five major production bases including Sichuan, with a daily production capacity of about 1600 tons and a production capacity of about 60% of the normal level. The person in charge said that 60% of the production capacity could not meet 130% of the market demand for the time being.

Our company has not resumed production at present, and all products sold to the market are in stock, Wu told Red Star News The female staff member said that the inventory has been almost sold, I dont know how long to resume production! We also know that the market is in urgent need, but there is no way.

In addition, as early as February 17, investors on the e-interactive platform of Shanghai Stock Exchange asked Anji food, why cant Shangchao and online flagship stores buy the companys products? When can I have it replenished? Due to the epidemic factors, the logistics of different places are affected to varying degrees, and the companys factories are returning to work one after another, Anjing food said in its reply It is understood that all factories of Anjing food have resumed production since February 15. At present, the production capacity has recovered by about 2 / 3 and the workers have not returned to work 100%.

Sanquan food related personnel also said in an interview with the media that in the near future, consumers demand for frozen food has increased substantially, orders of various systems have increased substantially, and many products continue to be in short supply.

Dumpling production line

2. Material supplier:

1 / 3 of the enterprises havent started the dumpling skin machine and the recent sales are good

In addition, from the perspective of raw material manufacturers, the upstream enterprises of dumpling production are also affected by the epidemic, resulting in the shortage of raw material supply.

In addition, the person in charge of missing food said that under the current production capacity requirements, the supply of raw materials can basically meet the production needs of the company, but in Xinyang, Nanyang and other places in Henan Province, there are still 1 / 3 of the packaging material enterprises have not resumed production, and the supply of raw materials such as rice and rice flour is also tight.

In addition, some upstream companies are seizing the opportunity to gold. A staff member of Henan Xingtai science and Technology Industry Co., Ltd. told Red Star news that the company specially developed a machine for dumpling production enterprises to speed up the production of dumpling skin, this kind of machine has been sold well recently, after all, the sales of dumpling production enterprises are also very good. For this reason, the company resumed production on the fifth day after the Spring Festival, now all the sales staff are working overtime. The company also hopes to make more money in the meantime. We plan to hire more sales people now.

3. Logistics:

The transportation volume cannot meet the supply, so we need to recruit truck drivers

From the perspective of property transportation, the above person in charge of missing food said that during the Spring Festival, although some properties are still in transportation, most of them have had holidays, the third-party logistics company we cooperated with stopped transportation since December 29, and did not start to transport again until the third day of the Lunar New Year. According to its understanding, the third-party logistics companies are short of drivers, but they can basically match the current capacity.

Wang, the head of a commercial company in Guangyuan, Sichuan Province, who is responsible for transporting frozen food for more than 100 supermarkets, has recently been bothered by the recruitment of truck drivers. Due to the large amount of frozen food delivered every day, our company has resumed production since the fifth day of the Spring Festival. At present, more than 60 drivers have all returned to work. According to its preliminary statistics, more than 2 million yuan of frozen food is delivered to the above-mentioned supermarkets every day, compared with the same period, the delivery volume almost doubled. However, in his opinion, the transportation volume still cant meet the oversupply of various businesses. We plan to recruit 10 drivers temporarily to meet the current needs.

Progressive time

Production capacity is recovering, missing the return rate of Sichuan factory is 90%

However, we believe that with the recovery of production capacity, the state of market shortage will be eased. In order to meet the market demand, the company has not only accelerated production, but also increased delivery efforts. On average, every other day, it will supply to the downstream supermarkets, basically three to four times a week. At the same time, Miss food also increased the logistics of transportation. At present, we mainly rely on cold chain truck for road transportation, but for Hubei and other regions, we have adopted train transportation since new years Eve to meet local needs.

According to reports, in order to speed up the resumption of production, the company also set up a missing number return to post to resume production of customized cars, and went to pick up workers to return to work in batches. At the same time, it also joined hands with Huiji district government of Zhengzhou city to strengthen talent recruitment.

Red Star News reporter found that many governments are also helping enterprises to resume production while preventing epidemic.

On February 5, the Department of Commerce of Henan Province awarded qualification certificate of livelihood guarantee and supply enterprise to the company, coordinating relevant units to give priority configuration and rapid release support to the company in the procurement, distribution and road transportation of emergency materials for epidemic prevention and control and livelihood guarantee and supply materials; at the same time, it also issued Class B pass for the transportation of necessities of life. The vehicles of the enterprise with the certificate are No parking, no inspection, no charge, green passage in Henan province solves the current transportation problems.

On February 7, Sanquan food reported to the government the problem of workers returning to the factory. On February 10, the office of epidemic prevention and control headquarters of Henan Province printed and distributed the notice on doing well the employment service of key protection and living material production enterprises in our province, providing service measures and solutions for migrant workers to return home. The development and Reform Commission of Henan Province contacted the development and Reform Commission of 17 counties and districts where the employment of Sanquan food is relatively concentrated, and asked to assist enterprises in the long-distance connection and travel certification of migrant workers return journey.

Miss food related person in charge told Red Star News, we in the upper and middle reaches of the rice flour oil meat bulk filling has now basically returned to normal, the current material cost has not increased. In the aspect of logistics, the logistics cost has increased by 50% - 60% in the previous period, and now it has become normal. According to the introduction, at present, the number of front-line workers returning to work in Zhengzhou area of missing food is more than 1600, and the rate of employees returning to work is about 60%. The rate of returning to work in Guangdong, Sichuan and other places is higher. Our factory in Sichuan has passed the epidemic prevention test and resumed production on January 31, 2020. On the same day, 50% of employees returned to work and 50% of production capacity recovered. At present, the return rate has reached 90%.

Missing Food Logistics

In addition, haibawang food and other relevant leaders also said in an interview with the media that they had partially resumed production.

We believe that with more and more manufacturers and logistics companies resuming production, the pace of tight market supply and demand is easing. The person in charge of missing food said that although the epidemic affected enterprises in different degrees in terms of staff return, logistics and transportation, material supply, capital turnover, etc., it does not affect our confidence and determination to overcome the difficulties. Affected by the epidemic, the penetration rate of online shopping is growing rapidly, especially home business, fresh community, traditional e-commerce, etc., which brings new sales channels to the frozen industry. The convenience of frozen food is in line with the wide demand, the penetration rate of families is increased, and the growth of new consumption groups of frozen food is expanded. Facing the future, they are full of confidence.

Red Star News reporters checked Tianyan and found that 3320 companies related to frozen dumplings, including 118 in Beijing, 326 in Henan and 63 in Sichuan. From the perspective of frozen dumpling brands, there are mainly Wanchai wharf, chuangeyu, bipingo, missing, Sanquan, Longfeng, sister-in-law Wu, haibawang and other brands.