Kurtuva saves the Messi + Artur single! This season 2 times zero seal Barcelona

 Kurtuva saves the Messi + Artur single! This season 2 times zero seal Barcelona

In the 34th minute, grizman took the ball in the left side of the backcourt and passed it straight. Artur suddenly broke through with the ball all the way around the midline. He used his body to squeeze cross who was defending back, and then formed a single shot chance. After Artur took the ball into the left side of the penalty area, kurtuva chose to attack, and then Artur tried to shoot at the far corner and kurtuva successfully blocked the baseline.

In the 38th minute, Busquets sent out a precise pick and pass near the middle circle, tearing the whole Real Madrid defense line. Messi succeeded in anti offside and inserted it. He took the ball into the forbidden area and volleyed. Kurtuwa was brave enough to parry the ball to avoid Real Madrid losing the ball. If these two single chances were not saved by kurtuva, maybe Barcelona could take the lead in the first half, then Real Madrids situation in the national derby would be difficult.

In addition to defusing the opponents two single shots, kurtuva also managed to save Messis shot on the right side of the penalty area in the 30th minute. Kurtuva made three saves in the first half, especially for Arturs single shot, said as. He played a good game again, avoiding Barcelona taking the lead in the national Derby

Kurtuva has been questioned since he joined Real Madrid last season, but his performance this season is very stable and has been recognized by the fans. In the first 26 games of this season, Real Madrid only lost 17 goals, which is the team with the least goals. When facing Barcelona in the home and away games of the Spanish League this season, kurtuwa did not lose the ball, while the Real Madrid goalkeeper last achieved two times of zero in a single season Barcelona also dates back to the 1974-75 season.

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