Real Madrid reserves 40 seconds break Barcelona! Touching the ball for the first time in the season and crying

 Real Madrid reserves 40 seconds break Barcelona! Touching the ball for the first time in the season and crying

In the first half of the national Derby, Real Madrid was in the downwind, but in the second half, Real Madrid gradually took control of the situation and was led by venezus in the 71st minute. In the first minute of stoppage time, Real Madrid coach Zidane made a final replacement, replacing Benzema with Mariano. Perhaps most people at that time thought that the change was just to delay, but Mariano himself did not give up his efforts.

In the second minute of full stoppage time, cavalhar made a long pass on the right side. Mariano took the ball on the right side and used his speed to get away from the defending Barca guard ummtiti. He drove the ball into the right side of the forbidden area. Facing the attacking Barca goalkeeper tersten, Mariano shot directly from a small angle. The football flew into the goal gate from the narrow gap between tersten and the near post. Real Madrid locked the win 2-0, and Bernabeu began to celebrate the victory of the national Derby, which is the first time since 2014 that Real Madrid beat Barcelona at home in the Spanish League.

It is worth mentioning that this is Marianos first appearance in the Spanish League this season, and this goal is his first touch of the season. Real Madrid brought in jovic last summer, and then Mariano was put on the sale list, but he did not find a suitable home. However, Mariano has not been able to play in La Liga this season, so he can only sit on the bench. Before that, he only had the chance to play as a substitute in the Spanish Super Cup.

In this match, Mariano finally got the chance to play in the Spanish League. Although he only came off the bench in the stoppage period, Mariano is still trying to win the goal. Statistics show that Marianos goal is only 40 seconds away from his substitute appearance. Mariano was very excited after the goal, even shed tears of excitement, and then raised his hands to applaud the support of the home Real Madrid fans, and clapped himself on the chest.

Coincidentally, Barcelonas new signing Brewster also came off the bench in this game, and also got a good chance to score soon after coming out. Braithwaite replaced Bidar in the 69th minute, and in the 70th minute, Semedo passed the ball. Braithwaite broke through Marcello with the ball, forming a single shot opportunity. His shot on the right side of the forbidden area has passed kurtuva, but the ball was released by varane in front of the door. Obviously, Braithwaites goal was not as good as Marianos.

Real Madrids signing of jovic cost 60 million euros. Zidane also gave jovic many opportunities this season, but jovic has only scored two goals so far. It is because of jovics state of depression that Real Madrid have to let veteran Benzema continue to fight. The recent fatigue has affected Benzemas state. Maliano can score in 40 seconds, maybe Real Madrid should consider giving maliano more rotation time in the multi line battle.

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