However, Messis 14 confrontations, only 3 successful activities, the hot spot all in midfield

 However, Messis 14 confrontations, only 3 successful activities, the hot spot all in midfield

As the core of Barcelonas attack, Messi will participate in almost every attack of the ball, he will also find the opportunity to launch a personal attack. Tonight, Messis numbers on the offensive end are not very good. Messi shot three times and shot twice, but was saved by kurtuwa. As the core of the organization, Messi has only one key pass. Although his 59 pass success rate reached 95%, but the vast majority of passes are made by Angu.

At the peak of his fitness, Messi was one of the most breakthrough players on the planet, none of them. But tonight, Messi made only one breakthrough in four attempts. In the ground ball game, Messi participated in the game 14 times, only 3 times succeeded. Messi lost his possession 17 times. At the age of 33, Messis physical fitness has obviously declined irreversibly.

Messi worked hard. He even managed to knock down Carmelo in the back of the defence and was booked for that. In order to help the team control the ball, Messi is far away from the Real Madrid forbidden area most of the time, he withdraws deeply to participate in the transmission ball. But hard work doesnt necessarily pay off. In the absence of Luis Suarez in the penalty area to create damage, Messi away from the penalty area, the price is that Barcelona attack from scratch.

Messi is one of the greatest players in football history, but he will lose to time. Whats more, Barcas entire central axis is in a state of advanced age. Pique, Busquets, Messi and Suarez are all in their thirties. Barcelonas blood exchange has been very unsuccessful in recent years. The two mistakes of courtinho and denbelle have led to a direct waste of 22 million euros left by Neymar. Barcelonas decline is irreparable. Messi may be able to keep Barcelona competitive for a long time, but Barcelona can no longer suppress Real Madrid, which has set off a youth storm. Think about it. If the Real Madrid center changes from Benzema to mbape

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