Another classic of national Derby: Cross immortal points the way venezus runs to break the door!

 Another classic of national Derby: Cross immortal points the way venezus runs to break the door!

In this Spanish National Derby, cross started and played the whole game. According to statistics, cross passed 65 times in this game, 64 of which were successful, only one of which was unsuccessful, with a passing success rate of 98.5%. To know that Real Madrids ball control rate and pass times are not as good as Barcelonas in this game, Real Madrids team has only 491 passes in total, and the pass success rate is only 88%. In contrast, it can be said that crosss pass ability is significantly higher than that of Real Madrid.

Especially in the process of Real Madrids first goal, cross showed his excellent skill in which to pass. It was in the 71st minute of the game, cross took the ball on the left side of the front court, facing a number of Barca players to go to the front bag to defend, cross in protecting the ball at the same time did not forget to stretch out his hand to command the running position of young teammate venezus. But after Venus ran forward according to crosss request, cross immediately and accurately pushed the ball to the foot of Venus. Venus lost the ball and went into the left side of the penalty area to score.

As said: cross helped Real Madrid improve, he assisted in the goal of venezus, always provide support in all aspects, under the pressure of the opponent to protect the ball passing, and there are several intercepts. The goal of venezus is due to the great help of cross, who even used his finger to get the position he would pass before passing the ball

In the first leg of Real Madrids Champions League quarter final against Manchester City in midweek, cross unexpectedly sat on the bench and never appeared. At that time, Real Madrid coach Zidane said it was for tactical reasons. But now it seems that Real Madrid with cross are obviously better in midfield operation. In the second leg of the Champions League away from Manchester City, Zidane should let cross start.

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