Ill be on duty as soon as I get off the contract! Randall signed a 10 day contract with Warriors

 Ill be on duty as soon as I get off the contract! Randall signed a 10 day contract with Warriors

Before that, Randall twice tried to sign a 10 day short contract with the NBA team, but was unable to sign due to no clarification letter from Tianjin team. Yesterday, Randall and Tianjin team finally reached an agreement to terminate the contract. He needs approval from FIBA before signing with the warriors.

Affected by the epidemic, CBA is closed indefinitely, and CBAs foreign aid are in a state of no ball to play. Many foreign aid have chosen to terminate their contract and go to the European League to play. Randalls last game was on January 21, and when CBA will recover is unknown. Randall has played 24 games this season, averaging 24.8 points, 3.5 rebounds and 4 assists. Tianjin ranks the second lowest with 6 wins and 24 losses. In addition to Randall, another foreign aid Marco todorovich joined the Spanish Basketball League team baskenia.

The outbreak of the novel coronavirus epidemic has a profound impact on the global basketball league. According to the European Basketball League, this weeks European Basketball League event in northern Italy will be held without fans and media, and all unnecessary staff will be banned. In Lyon, France, the domestic league match between aswell and Monaco has been postponed, and Monacos European Cup match this week will also be held behind closed doors. It is understood that France has banned all indoor public gatherings of more than 5000 people.

In South Korea, the local basketball league is also in a state of suspension. It is understood that the Korean Basketball Federation chose to hold the rest of the games behind closed doors and broadcast them live on TV. Japans Basketball League has been suspended for several weeks and a decision will be made soon, a source said.

Happy break-up! Tianjin and Randall officially terminate the contract: wish him success in the NBA

Today (March 1) afternoon, Tianjin pioneers released an official statement, announcing the cancellation of their contract with foreign aid Randall and wishing him all the best in the NBA!