Central enterprises return to work to fulfill international orders

 Central enterprises return to work to fulfill international orders

As the main supplier of international memory manufacturing enterprises, China Electronicss Shenzhen Technology Co., Ltd. has 1387 employees in 9 factories in 7 places in China during the Spring Festival to ensure the stability of the global memory chip industry chain.

Jin Hongrong, deputy general manager of China Electronics: the headquarters and affiliated enterprises of China Electronics and information industry group are trying to resume work. 351 enterprises have resumed work, accounting for 93.1%.

Not long ago, CRRC electric, a subsidiary of CRRC, received two orders for electric buses and tourist buses from Saudi Arabia and New Zealand. In order to ensure delivery to customers in June this year, CRRC electric fully started the production line, and the ordered vehicles have entered the design stage.

As soon as the Spring Festival is over, China Investment Group will return to work and resume production in advance, and actively fulfill overseas orders.

Liu Guojun, director of the operation and safety production department of the State Investment Group: in order to meet the needs of overseas markets, our auto parts manufacturing enterprises have scientifically organized and orderly returned to work for key enterprises to ensure the organic connection of the industrial chain.

Up to now, China Huadian technology and industry group has fully resumed work and full load production, and has made every effort to promote the normal performance and construction demand of power engineering projects in Indonesia, Vietnam and other places.

Ammonium sulfate produced by Chinas chemical industry is mainly used in fertilizer, textile, medicine, etc., and is exported to more than ten countries, such as India, Thailand, Kenya, Turkey, etc.

Zhang Weidong, deputy general manager of Sinochem Tianchen Yaolong Co., Ltd.: in order to ensure the smooth export of ammonium sulphate in an extraordinary period, Chinas chemical production will not stop, the production capacity will be restored to 80%, and the labor, wharf, logistics, etc. will be actively coordinated to boost the international communitys confidence in Chinese enterprises.

In the face of new orders for intelligent printing equipment that Indian customers hope to deliver in the middle and last ten days of February this year, China Putian has completed the delivery task on schedule and obtained new orders through a certain number of model reserves and constantly improving production lines.

Affected by the epidemic, some international trains and logistics lines were blocked from delivering goods. COSCO Shipping actively adjusted, through land to water and land to rail, opened logistics blocking points, resumed international train routes, and ensured the smooth performance of overseas orders.

Gou Ping, director of the Bureau of science and technology innovation and social responsibility of SASAC: (SASAC) focuses on epidemic prevention and control, resumption of work and production, guides central enterprises to take the lead in orderly promoting resumption of work and production, drives upstream and downstream enterprises in the industrial chain to resume work and production, and plays the leading role of central enterprises in the national economy.