Novel coronavirus pneumonia in Chongqing is newly diagnosed, 12 cases of newly cured and discharged cases are confirmed.

 Novel coronavirus pneumonia in Chongqing is newly diagnosed, 12 cases of newly cured and discharged cases are confirmed.

Among the newly cured discharged cases, 2 were in Wanzhou District, 1 in Yuzhong District, 1 in Jiangbei District, 1 in Jiulongpo District, 1 in Yubei District, 1 in Hechuan District, 1 in Qijiang District, 1 in Dianjiang County, 1 in Wuxi County, 1 in Shizhu County and 1 in Liangjiang New District.

As of 24:00 on March 1, there are 120 confirmed cases in Chongqing (including 9 severe cases and 2 critical cases), 6 deaths, 450 discharged cases and 576 confirmed cases. A total of 23563 close contacts have been traced, 23192 have been removed from medical observation, and 371 are undergoing medical observation. The details are as follows:

Experts believe that as of March 1, there were no new confirmed cases in our city for 6 consecutive days, 28 districts and counties for 14 consecutive days, 40 districts and counties for 7 consecutive days, and the effectiveness of epidemic prevention and control is obvious. However, with the increase of personnel mobility, the epidemic prevention and control has changed from static management to dynamic management. The task of prevention and control is even more arduous, allowing no paralysis or slack. We must pay close attention to the implementation of various prevention and control measures.

Chongqing Municipal Commission of health and health has pointed out that all departments should effectively improve the scientific, accurate and targeted work of epidemic prevention and control. We need to strengthen social management and control of personnel, implement classified management of personnel, effectively implement the four early measures of early detection, early reporting, early isolation and early treatment, and strictly prevent the risks of input and diffusion. We need to do a good job in the management and control of key places, implement the community prevention and control responsibility, implement the prevention and control responsibility of employing units, strengthen the prevention and control of public service places such as airports, stations, docks, shopping malls, supermarkets, agricultural markets, strengthen the prevention and control of regulatory places, pension institutions, welfare homes, mental health care institutions and other special places, and focus on key groups, key places, key periods and key links, We will resolutely prevent the resurgence of the epidemic.