La Liga - Sevillas second reading final rises to third place and Atletico falls out of the Champions League

 La Liga - Sevillas second reading final rises to third place and Atletico falls out of the Champions League

Royal Society 1-0

In 60 minutes, Aya Savals right baseline cross in the penalty area, januzai scored a close header in front of him, 1-0. Royal Society won 3 games in a row, and baladolide lost 2 games in a row.

Eval 3-0 Levant

27 minutes aureliana penalty area right side header in front of the top, Charles small penalty area volley, 1-0. In 48 minutes, Enriques left cross in the penalty area, Charless middle header scored twice, 2-0. 72 minutes in the Miramont area handball, Charles penalty shot low in the middle, Levante gate will be etor saved the ball. 84 minutes Enrique forbidden area right side cross, aureliana before the spot kick right foot push to break the door, 3-0. Ivar won for the first time in 5 rounds, and Levant lost 5 consecutive games away.

Valencia 2-1 Royal Betis

60 points gamero penalty area arc left side of the right foot of a strong low angle shot to break the door, 1-0. In 89 minutes, Vos knocked back, and pareho shot low from the right corner of the penalty area, 2-0. 93 minutes feikiel right cross, MOLON left side of the restricted area turn volley, 2-1. Warren won for the first time in four rounds, while Betis lost in six rounds.

Leganese 1-1 Aravis

47 minutes Lucas - Peres small area in front of the right foot push shot, 1-0. Oscars right cross in 59 minutes, Carrillo after a header, 1-1. Leganese won 4 rounds and Aravis won 3 away games.

Granada 0-0 Vigo CELTA

Granada ended 2 consecutive wins, CELTA 4 round unbeaten.

Sevilla 3-2 Osasuna

13 minutes Oliver Torres midfield steals the straight pass, Ernests small area in front of the left foot single knife low angle break, 1-0. 46 minutes Oliver Torres left corner cross, ocampos before the point header, 2-0. 54 minutes Osasuna goalkeeper Herrera outside the penalty area, the referee saw VaR and sent it off. 64 minutes Roberto Torres left free kick cross, Hernandez after the point header, 2-1. Sevilla players handball in the penalty area in 74 minutes. Referee saw VaR and then blew a penalty. Roberto Torres tricked the goalkeeper into shooting in the lower left corner and scored 2-2. 93 minutes later, Conde nodded the ball back and set it back. In front of the small restricted area of Ernest, he pushed his left foot and scored twice, 3-2. Sevilla won 2 games in a row and Osasuna failed in 2 rounds.

In the 56th minute, Paul Torres was hit by a player in the penalty area. The referee blew a penalty. Raul Garcia pushed the ball to break the goal, 1-0. In 66 minutes, arbiors penalty area was once again blown and Williams pushed the right lower corner to be saved by Arsenal. Biba won the first round in 11 rounds and the submarine lost in 2 consecutive rounds.

Mallorca 0-1 Getafe

Kennedys left cross in 67 minutes, maximovich small restricted area in the road header, 0-1. In 91 minutes, Salva Sevilla was sent off for eating two yellow coins in one minute, and only 10 people were left on Mallorcas court. Mallorca lost the first three rounds, and hetafe ended two consecutive defeats.

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