La Liga - Venezuelan scored in maliano! Real Madrid 2-0 Barcelona reach the top

 La Liga - Venezuelan scored in maliano! Real Madrid 2-0 Barcelona reach the top

In the 29th minute, vinesius crossed on the right, Benzema knocked back, cross shot high from outside the penalty area. In the 30th minute, grizman passed the ball in the penalty area. Messis shooting power was too light on the right side of the penalty area. Kurtuwa got the ball. The 34th minute, grizman pass, Artur from the middle of the road all the way with the ball rushed to the left side of the penalty area after shooting, kurtuwa hit to block the ball out of the bottom line. In the 37th minute, vinesius broke into the left side of the penalty area with the ball and shot. The ball was caught by terstgen. The 38th minute, Busquets straight pass, Messi single knife shot in the restricted area by kurtuwa Shenyong saved. In the 44th minute, varanel passed right and flew out of the baseline. In the 45th minute, Camaro was injured and fell to the ground for treatment. At the end of the first half, Real Madrid temporarily tied Barcelona 0-0 at home.

At the beginning of the second half, in the 48th minute, Carmelo pushed Messi from behind and Barcelona got the free kick on the left side of the front court. In the 49th minute, Messi made a free kick and then passed it into the forbidden area. Ramos headed out. In the 54th minute, Benzema zhisai stopped the ball a little more than the baseline. In the 56th minute, Isko shot outside the penalty area, and terstgen flew to save the ball out of the baseline. In the 59th minute, Isko was fouled and let down by Bidar. The 60th minute, Marcello left cross, the restricted area of varane header was taken by the goalkeeper. In the 61st minute, kawahars right cross, Iskos header in the penalty area, telstegen was helpless, but pique blocked the ball on the line. In the 63rd minute, kawahar picked and passed, and Benzema in the forbidden area shot high without stopping. In the 64th minute, vinesius fell into the other sides forbidden area with the ball. He complained to the referee, but the referee indicated that the match would continue.

In the 69th minute, cross left the corner, Ramos stopped in the penalty area and turned to shoot. Terstgen blocked the ball with his foot. The 70th minute, Semedo pass, Braithwaite with the ball to break through Marcelo, a single knife into the right side of the forbidden area shot, the football over kurtuva, but the ball was varane in front of the break.

In the 71st minute, Cristiano Croce and venezus took the ball into the left side of the penalty area and scored. Real Madrid led 1-0!

In the 75th minute, Messi got a single shot chance, Marcello got out to tackle the ball first. The 83rd minute, Messi left free kick, in the penalty area of pique head high. In the 84th minute, vinesius broke through the other sides three man defense in the forbidden area, but terstgen went out to defuse the danger. In the 85th minute, Messi was booked for a foul on Carmelo. The 89th minute, Ramos penalty area arc top place free kick is blocked by the human wall.

In the second minute of stoppage time, Mariano scored from a small angle when he got into the forbidden area with the ball on the right side. Real Madrid scored 2-0! At the end of the game, real beat Barcelona 2-0 at home.

Real Madrids lineup is 433: 13 kurtuva / 2-kawahar, 5-varane, 4-ramos, 12-marcello / 15-barwade (86 Basques), 14-camaro, 8-cross / 22-isko (79 Modric), 9-benzema (91 Mariano), 25-venezus

Barcas lineup is 442: 1-terstgen / 2-semedo, 3-pique, 23-umtti, 18-alba / 22-bidar (69brewswaite), 8-atul (81lakitic), 5-busquets, 21-derong / 10-messi, 17-grizman (81fati)

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