Three defeats in a row! Mourinho: the result is totally unfair. We played too politely

 Three defeats in a row! Mourinho: the result is totally unfair. We played too politely

Spurs without Kane and sun didnt create many opportunities, but 65% of the ball possession rate holds most of the ball rights on the field, which makes Mourinho think that the result of the game is unfair. We all know the level of the other side, the incredible speed and the strength of the counterattack. We are totally different teams. Without strikers we have tried many ways to solve the problem, I think these attempts have worked, so we have scored goals and created some opportunities in dangerous positions

We have more control over the ball, more control over the game than our opponents. So I dont think the result is very fair for us.

Mourinho specifically proposed that wolves used tactical fouls at key points of the game many times to stop Spurs attack. Less than 1 minutes after the opening, Reuben Neves blocked Lucas from stopping the Spurs attack and the final intentional foul of Deng Dong Coles game, which allowed the wolves to make complaints about the threat of Tottenham. But Mourinho Tucao played a lot more than the wolfs Spurs.

A team sometimes has to play in this way, Mourinho said. They have the right mental attributes. Not only today, we have been punished for that for a long time. We dont have that aggressiveness, so I think were playing too good, too polite. This nuance determines the outcome of the game

After losing to Leipzig, Chelsea and wolves in a row, Tottenhams three consecutive defeats frustrated Mourinho, who said: for me and the players, such results are very disturbing. We keep chasing points, only 1 point gap, but now everything has changed. Its hard to fight like today, but its bothering to not get good results. I cant criticize the players for their hard work. I can only complain about some physiological things, but those things are not easy to change

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