La Liga - Wu Leis first goal is to build Wulong + penalty ignored Spanish 1-1 Atletico

 La Liga - Wu Leis first goal is to build Wulong + penalty ignored Spanish 1-1 Atletico

Dont blow, dont be black! Wu Leis goal against Barcelona and his assist against Atletico are excellent

The Spaniard ranks 20th with 19 points after 25 rounds of the league this season, 5 points behind the safety zone; Atletico Madrid ranks third with 43 points after 11 wins, 10 draws and 4 losses in the past 25 rounds of the league. In the past 10 exchanges, Atletico has won 5 times, the Spaniard has won 3 times, the last two exchanges, each team has won once.


In the third minute, Atletico sent a corner kick from the right side to the forbidden area to create confusion. Correas right foot was blocked by Lopez, while the linesman signaled Atletico players to attack the foul.

In the fourth minute, embarba sent a free kick to the front of the penalty area on the right side of the field. Wu Lei followed up and shot the free kick with his right foot when there was no defense. The Atletico players kicked the ball out of the sideline in front of the goal.

In the 22nd minute, Wu Lei finished a snatch on the side of the front court. Unfortunately, he had too much strength when he was playing for Thomas, and the ball went out of the sideline.

In the 24th minute, the Spaniard transferred the ball from the left side to the right side of the front court. Harvey Lopez directly headed the ball to Wu Lei. Wu Lei entered the area near the bottom line on the right side of the penalty area and knocked at the door. Thomas De Thomas grabbed the ball. Savage fell behind to break the siege but hit the ball into his own goal. The Spaniard led 1-0.

In the 33rd minute, the Spaniard was ejected from the penalty area. Victor Sanchez hit the ball with his left foot, and the ball hit the crossbeam to pop up. The Spaniard missed the chance to expand the advantage of the score.

In the 35th minute, Atletico passed the ball to the restricted area in front of the court, followed up the players head crossing, and Felipes small restricted area was slightly higher than the crossbeam in front of the backhook.

In the 47th minute, Atletico sent a free kick to the penalty area and was ejected by the Spaniard. Saurs left foot volleyed on the line of the penalty area. The ball went straight into the dead corner on the right side of the goal. Atletico equalised the score 1-1.

The 59th minute, super old will be Carrasco Felix replaced.

The 62nd minute, Felix forbidden area on the right side of the bottom line near the knock, morata hit the empty door some delay, the result was blocked by the defender.

In the 68th minute, embarba took the ball from the left side of the front court and cut it to the left foot near the bottom line of the left side of the penalty area, then he firmly held the ball.

In the 69th minute, the Spaniard sent the corner kick on the right to the back point, and Bernardos header was ferried to the back point. When Wu Lei was about to attack the door, he was pulled down by Luodi behind him. Wu Lei complained to the referee, but the referee didnt say anything.

In the 71st minute, Wu Lei was replaced by carlelli.

Finally, the two sides drew 1-1.

Spaniards: 13 Diego Lopez, 16 Harvey Lopez, 20 Bernardo, 18 kavrela, 17 didak, 23 embarba (813-pedrosa), 4 Victor Sanchez, 8 ituraspe (7114-merondo), 10 dadel, 7 Wulie (7112-carlelli), 11 Thomas De Thomas

Substitutes: 1-prieto, 22 Vargas, 24 carlero, 34 Victor Gomes

Atletico: 13 orbrak, 12 Lodi, 15 savage, 18 Felipe, 23 tripir, 6 CORK, 8 Saur, 5 Thomas, 21 kalasco (597-felix), 9 morata (6319-diego Costa), 10 Correa (7020-bitolo)

Substitutes: 1-adan, 22-elmoso, 24-fusarico, 14-m-llorente