2-0u21922-2u21927-2uff01 True blue black remake tragedy in Serie A

 2-0u21922-2u21927-2uff01 True blue black remake tragedy in Serie A

In the 29th and 39th minutes, the goals of home team saponara and Donati once made the score 2-2, and the two teams entered the midfield harmoniously in half time. From 2-0 to 2-2 in the first half, Atalanta walked away for a while, but Lecces counterattack horn was just sounded by Atalantas cold water.

In the 62nd minute, illicic crossed Gomez in front of the forbidden area. Gomez picked back the top of the arc. Illicic put the ball in front of sapatta, who had a better position. Sapatta volleyed the ball to complete the hat trick, 5-2. The 87th minute, Muriel receives teammates middle circle to send the straight plug single knife to enter the forbidden area, then pushes the shot to be blocked by the left post, he makes up the shot to break 6-2. In the first minute of injury stoppage, Malinowskis left foot shot from the outside of the penalty area to complete the goal fight.

In addition, Atlanta scored 70 goals in 25 league games this season, which is the highest in Serie A, 10 more than Lazio in the second place and 22 more than Juventus! Atlantas 36 net goals are only one less than the current leader Lazio, and even the result of frequent big scores makes many fans feel that this is not a typical serie a team. However, Atlantas open play and excellent goals also attracted many non-traditional Italian fans.

Last Septembers 4-1 victory over sasolo, Octobers 7-1 victory over Udinese, before and after the winter break in late December and early January, two consecutive 5-0 wins over AC Milan and Parma. At the end of January, Turin was slaughtered 7-0 away. This weekend, I went away to cut melons and vegetables 7-2 to take down the pepper Lecce. Atlanta is the rhythm of almost a months massacre, becoming the alternative and terror God of death in Serie A.

Atlanta is not a flash in the pan and has continued to be highly focused this season. The top four positions of Serie A are stable. Look at the five to seven teams behind Atalanta, Roma, Napoli and AC Milan. No matter which one is more profound and has a better record in history. 70 goals, 34 goals, and more than 4 goals in the games with Atalanta, which are very lively and attractive.

Whats more valuable is the European competition. Atlanta has made great achievements in the first appearance of the Champions League this season. Although they have also been beaten 4 times by Zagreb and scored 5 times by Manchester City, they have been writing their own miracles from two consecutive defeats in the group match to the final qualification. Dont forget that last weeks 4-1 win over Valencia at home in the Champions League has basically locked a place in the top eight ahead of schedule.

Source: Netease sports Author: Bomber editor in charge: Feng Haotian and nsjs2656