Break horse race to Barcelona, Wu Lei takes the West man to collect 3 points on the top 4 of La Liga, the key person to protect his rank?

 Break horse race to Barcelona, Wu Lei takes the West man to collect 3 points on the top 4 of La Liga, the key person to protect his rank?

La Liga - Wu Leis first goal is to build Wulong + penalty ignored Spanish 1-1 Atletico

397 days ago, more than ten years ago, you havent been so proud for a long time.

It was the first time that Wu Lei landed at El Platte.

You are very excited, because the top grassland in Europe has not seen the Chinese for a long time; you are very confused, because the stadium can accommodate the strong muscles.

It took 4680 minutes just to wait for Wu Lei to appear.

At 9:04 p.m. on March 2, 2019, its a rare happy time for you to watch Chinese football for so many years. Thats when Wu Lei scored his first overseas goal. You turn on your mobile phone, click to open a circle of friends, and type four words - Wu Lei Niubi!

You need to repeat this operation 9 times in the next 365 days.

On March 31, 2019, in the cool sunny day of Catalonia, the noisy nou camp, you suddenly feel the crossing. Because this own child, unexpectedly and the world only two ball king Messi, stood on the same court.

He worked for 4015 days just to meet Messi again.

But you make complaints about Tucaos end, because behind the scenes is a ball shortage after another.

Against the linens, you see a bit of frustration. Wu Lei, who ran to the best position, was not supported by his teammates, as if he was the best child in his eyes and ignored by others.

Of course, sometimes you will put away your loving face and turn to swearing.

No way!

My grandma can score it!

What a kick!

Because you see the familiar story - throwing a single knife.

But you have nothing to do with Wu Lei. Its not a goal that cant be solved. If there is one, you can score another.

When Wu Lei helped the team get the UEFA Cup ticket with a beautiful single knife, all the unhappiness disappeared with the bright smile on his face.

Seeing him held high by his teammates, it seemed that the fire of a prairie fire had dispelled the darkness.

Therefore, he once again put on the red robe and embroidered the Chinese characters on his chest, as if he was the first Asian leader in front of his eyes.

Sweet is always short The familiar haze reappears.

Everything is in the cycle of silence, explosion, silence and explosion.

The morning of the fifth day of the new year

Regardless of the curse of your neighbor, you shouted out the slogan again in the dark of dawn: Wu Lei forces the cattle!

In the past 365 days, you have gained 23 new idioms:

The martial medicine can be saved, the martial arts can be compared with lunbi, the martial arts can be defeated, and the martial arts family can return

Of course, theres Mowu Zuoping:

Describe how the Spaniard was leveled after he replaced Wu Lei.

365 days ago, Wu Lei scored his first goal in La Liga. 365 days later, Wu Lei gave a key assist in the match against the powerful rival Atletico.

The past 365 days have passed.

That 365 day story has also become a memory.

A new miracle is at hand.

Come on, Wu Lei.