For the sake of self isolation, 1.4 billion people have become inventors! Its true. Hahahaha

 For the sake of self isolation, 1.4 billion people have become inventors! Its true. Hahahaha

These days, there is no visit, no dinner party

For the first time

Stay at home, read books, watch TV, accompany your family

Its found that its getting popular now

Finnish society:

No other creatures within one meter radius!

Take the subway and rush up?

One door, one person

u25b2 Weibo: big black spider

The canteen has eaten the feeling of examination

u25b2 microblog: Sunny

It can be felt in everyone:

leave me along!

For epidemic prevention

Everyone, thats one

Eight Immortals cross the sea, showing their own magic power

The first formula of anti epidemic law

Fancy lift

I dare not press the button in the elevator by myself

Afraid of bacteria and viruses, what to do

Time is a pig knife

Toothpicks are not made for nothing

Theres a sense of superiority in pressing it

But to be honest, in case theres a carrier

A sneeze

Toothpick clear, all killed

Lets go to the melon seeds

Take as you use, return to environmental protection

u25b2 Douban: Miss Zhang, a warm-hearted citizen

Magic toys are also on the stage

If you can get Altman

That s a better chance

From ancient red to blue

Just a couple

Fancy self-made protective clothing

Masks in a hurry?

GIRAFFE registration, medical treatment and medicine collection

Its called a hurry

Shopping in the supermarket

If you can get thin and light tinfoil

More security

Turn around and meet a green alien

Its such a coincidence that everyone comes down to the supermarket.

This one in a spacesuit

Has the broom been set up?

By contrast, this big brother who only covers plastic bags

Is the attitude to life too sloppy?

However, there are still gaps in the inflatable doll suit

No absolute protection

Its better to be responsible, but lovely love

The shopkeeper is really amazing

Current epidemic situation

But business still has to be done

A steamed bread shop

Put up a board in front of the sales window

A little hand wave

Steamed bread just home

Meet the elderly with cash

Clerk takes change remotely with a long spoon

Im such a smart kid!

Steamed bread & noodles:

I havent thought of it in my life

I can still sit on a slide today

Fried cake: little meaning of slide

Why dont you see the boss?

Hey, look up!

The boss is on the second floor

I want valuable strawberries and cherry

Remember to call me.

Ill come down and send it to you!

Look at the closed door under the bookstore

Customers and bosses communicate by wechat

The business still depends on air delivery

The boss has never thought of a guest like this

The fourth formula of anti epidemic law

Fancy isolation scene

What about the latest chivalrous hats?

360 degree antifoam experience

I have a gas mask

1 person, 1 table, 3 curtains

I dont know. I thought I was taking the first place in the exam

This is not the top

Look at this armed drugstore

Staff and medicine, completely separated from the guests

Leave a lonely pick-up

And so on

Helmets, masks, raincoats, sleeves, gloves ...

Use whatever you can think of

The fifth formula of anti epidemic law

Fancy high tech

Merciless and funny high-tech anti epidemic immediately!

Using drones to talk in the air

Eight hundred times

Why dont you wear a mask?

A mouthful of hard core Northeast Dialect

Where are you looking?

The little plane in the sky is talking to you!

Now there are new materials for rural love

Whether youre talking about one

Love in the cholera era

Or dare to gather people to play mahjong

Can not escape the head of the soil flavor propaganda.

If youve been squatting for too long, light a hot pot

UAV hard core distribution

What kind of thing

Whats the matter with the remote control car pulling a cart of steamed bread?

Netizens are naughty again:

A fine of 2000 for unlicensed driving,

Cars and steamed bread are confiscated!

The fifth formula of anti epidemic law

Big family dogs have masks when they go out

But friends upstairs

You didnt wear this mask

Where will I go, master

Put on a mask and save your lifeu201c

Im not a junior

And help with the delivery

Put the express in the doggie bag

It just ran back on its own

Uncle guard: come on! Yes sir!

Netizens expressed their envy

And dont delay your childrens entrance to college

It seems that these flower patterns are unreasonable to fight against the epidemic

But it also becomes a bit of humor in our isolated life

Peoples awareness of protection is getting more and more in place

In this severe war epidemic

No small act of protection will be superfluous

Dont worry about trouble, dont take chances

Only each of us can supervise and remind each other

To win the final victory!