Interview with Li Chengbin: Xiao Song is very similar to himself and has a good cooperation with Zhou Jieqiong

 Interview with Li Chengbin: Xiao Song is very similar to himself and has a good cooperation with Zhou Jieqiong

Li Chengbin thinks that Xiao Songs role has many similarities with his own, no matter his character or love view. I presume that Xiao Song must be a Scorpio AB, because he is very dark bellied and smart. The key is his attitude towards the people he likes. True love doesnt have to be together. If she finds someone who can make her happy, he is willing to sacrifice himself, which is similar to me.

In the play, Zhou Jieqiong, the first actress to act as the forensic woman ran Yan, talks about the cooperation. Li Chengbin confesses that she is very happy and Jieqiong is a mischievous and eccentric girl.

Li Chengbin, who has more experience in acting, will also exchange scripts with Zhou Jieqiong on the set to help her get into the role faster. For example, what should the autopsy look like? I told her that in fact, you should refer to the steps in some professional plays when you do the autopsy. After she listens to it, she goes back to the play. After watching it, she comes back to take the autopsy play, which is much smoother, so she wont be in a hurry.

Li Chengbin confessed that he liked watching some detective dramas since he was a child, such as Detective Conan, etc., and the shooting of female forensic medicine in the Tang Dynasty also made him gain the fun of logical reasoning, and he would look for clues when reading the script. And the lifelike autopsy part of the play, for him, there is no pressure, because he once worked as a special soldier, participated in disaster relief. But for Wang Yizhe and Zhou Jieqiong, there are some challenges. Li Chengbin revealed that there was a scene of examining the corpses. Wang Yizhe and Zhou Jieqiong look white and have purple lips. They are really going to spit out soon. Later, the director simply changed the scene into that they both spit when they see the corpse. . So when you watch the drama and see that their faces are pale, its not pretending. Its true.

Talking about what kind of roles I will be moved by now, Li Chengbin said: one is totally different from what I played before, the other is that the life activities of this role have similar experience with me, and these two directions will particularly move me.

In the recent long time at home, Li Chengbin has not been idle. He would listen to vinyl records, draw a picture, play video games, read books, chase plays, watch movies and occasionally cook a meal. He confessed that he was very good at making soup. Give it to his family or friends. They are happy to drink. The key is that making soup is good for their health.

As for the next work plan, Li Chengbin hopes to try out as many different roles as possible. There are many projects in succession, and we are still reading the script. In the evaluation, I still hope that the next project can interpret a different role than before.

Source: Netease Entertainment editor in charge: Jin shuou nbj4322