Daily easy start: press the fingerprint to sign a contract with 911? Youre short of money

 Daily easy start: press the fingerprint to sign a contract with 911? Youre short of money

On the first day of March, how are you on Sunday

We spent most of February at home. I dont know what skills you have mastered?

My concern now is when the barber shop downstairs will open

Or Ill have to cut myself an OK haircut

Only by cutting my own hair can I show that I have a strong sense of self-management

Not only do people have a strong sense of self-management, but also cars have a strong sense of self-management

Recently, there are no good people (trenches) who have no humanity. They even use curinan to play and drift!

Curinan plays drift, and you can do whatever you want if you have money (source: Netease automobile integration)

Of course, kurinan said that the talent tree of drifting didnt come out. I refused

Then he was taken to a slippery field and had to work if he didnt

After playing for a few laps, the four-wheel drive system gave an alarm due to overheating, and resolutely refused to continue playing

Do you think it has a strong sense of self-management? But I dont think its the right way to open it. I should put down the stool at the back of the car and drink tea while slipping, which is elegant enough

I dont know if the car owners will play like this. After all, Im so far away from being the owner of curinan

Let me look to the master first and find a way to get a Mercedes Benz

Its misplaced. It should be this one

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Mercedes Benz and the three women behind him

After reading it, I was thinking about how to establish a deep connection with my car, like Mercedes

Now Porsche gives you a chance to print your fingerprint on your 911!

Customers who buy a new 911 can design a personalized front cover based on their own fingerprints, or even other specific designs.

Heart, I bought 911 money have easy friend to see, if found please return to me, must have heavy thanks!

Well, no, Im going to start a digger to make money. Just now, the track has dropped again

Those of us who have studied in Lanxiang pay attention to the integration of personal and car, and make the car a part of our body. Is it the track that falls? Its my shoes

There may be bad news for fans about customization and uniqueness

Because of the cancellation of the Geneva Motor Show, you may not see the chironeditionnoir sportive

As a model that has already been sold, maybe this Geneva auto show should be its only chance to present to the global audience.

Do you think its a pity?

In order to help you relax your regret, lets have a look at the correct answer to this question?

Did it come out? Turn the little brain melon, please have a clear understanding of your ability

Dont be afraid if you think its too difficult. Theres nothing difficult in the world. Just give up

Turn around and go. Theres a wide way to go

But its not always possible to turn around

The driver: I think it can be retrograde in a special period (source: Netease automobile integration)

Police of Huarong brigade investigated and dealt with a car retrograde from the on ramp of the expressway at Huarong West toll station. The driver said that he had to reverse from the on ramp to get off the highway because he missed the off ramp. The driver also said that he didnt know that the ramp was a high-speed road. During the epidemic prevention period, he thought it could be retrograde In the end, the driver was fined 200 yuan and 12 points for his driving license.

Suddenly I feel that my strange knowledge has increased again

Seeing this drivers operation, my head is full of question marks like this screen

Fortunately, there is no accident. If there is an accident, will you ask each other with your small hand? Forgive me in a special period

Now I know the depth

You still have to obey the traffic laws and regulations when you travel. Of course, its not a good thing to fill in the war damage coating for your car

Otherwise, we should take responsibility for what we can only do by ourselves

I took off the headdress and carried it home silently

Come here today and remind us quietly that we are going to work again tomorrow!

Yesterdays car guessing answer: Mazda MX-5, congratulations to Yi you, please keep the bottom line and the father of WiFi on the list~

The story of service in todays War:

Hong nianmei, a 57 year old cleaner, is in charge of environmental cleaning and garbage removal in the eastern C7 ward. Every time she goes to work, she also has to wear a full set of protective equipment.

At each meal time, there will be more than 20 staff members outside the building in the hospital area, each guarding a large incubator and counting the meals carefully. They are the property controller of the hospital, responsible for the timely distribution of hot meals to the various wards.

The novel coronavirus pneumonia is a severe disease in Tongfa Hospital of Tongji Hospital, Huazhong University of Science and Technology. At present, more than 2000 medical teams supporting Wuhan are treating nearly 1000 patients. In the hospital area, there are some unknown and busy guardians, who are always with the patients and medical staff. (source: Peoples daily)