Evertons 92 minute kill was blown off by VAR! Ancelottis rare rage is red

 Evertons 92 minute kill was blown off by VAR! Ancelottis rare rage is red

The controversial process that angered Ancelotti was as follows: in the 92nd minute, after taking the ball at 12 yards from the right rib of Lewins forbidden area, he shot low on his left foot. The ball hit Manchester Uniteds Marquis and flew to the lower right corner of the goal. De GEA had no response to the refraction, but on the balls route, Everton midfielder sigurdson was offside, if sigurdson did not move, The ball will touch his leg. He moves it away and rolls it into the goal.

After the goal was scored, Everton players began to celebrate, while Manchester United players thought that West Goodsons Offside goal was not included. Chief referee Kawana first discussed with the linesman, but after a long discussion, he did not discuss the result. Then the VaR referee decided that the goal was invalid, and Kawana pushed the boat. Everton, from the manager to the players, are very dissatisfied with the blow of goals. They think West Goodson is offside but does not interfere with the defenders and goalkeepers, which leads to the scene of Ancelotti getting red after the game.

After the game, the sky sports expert group commented on the goal and Ancelottis red card. Former Liverpool manager Souness said: I understand Ancelotti. At the end of the game, your team won the goal and then the goal was cancelled. Different referees have different judgments about the goal. He (sigurdson) is offside and in front of the goalkeeper, and I can understand why the goal was cancelled He (sigurdson) is offside and close to the goalkeeper, I dont think its possible for de GEA to save the ball, but if the goal works, then its Solskjaer who goes to the referee after the game, said Roy Keane, former Manchester United boss

The cancelled goal is controversial. For the time being, British football commentators havent dared to say that the goal must not be counted or should be counted. This kind of goal, perhaps to score or not to score can find sufficient reasons, only to see the referee on the spot.

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