The 23-year-old Portugal international has hit spurs! Four players in a row, three assists and six goals

 The 23-year-old Portugal international has hit spurs! Four players in a row, three assists and six goals

Half time score of wolves, the second half started soon if tower took Dohertys cross to push and shoot the goal to level the score. Then in the 73rd minute of the game, jotta began his personal performance. Ruota takes a pass from his teammate in the backcourt, turns around and shakes Davis away, then uses his speed to get rid of oriye who is following the defense. Even oriye tries to reach out and pull Ruota. If tower starts to drive the ball continuously along the left side road, the fast speed and flexible foot let him very calmly and gracefully get rid of the defending spurs player. After he passed in the front court, he moved sideways and shook away Da Vince Sanchez and the mending Dell, sending out the right and accurate pass, and finally assisted Jimenez to break the door to complete the winning goal of the anti super score.

From the back to the front, if towers high-speed penetration into the half court with the ball, it is worthy of respect that there is no too fancy skill, but the process of one person throwing off four defenders makes the assists of the ball more wonderful. At the critical moment, he found that himenez had a better chance of shooting without defense. Ruota did not greedily help his teammates to break the goal, but also showed Ruotas ability to read the game and selflessness.

Ruotas performance has been excellent recently. Last week, the European Union scored three goals against the Spaniard in the first leg of the competition and scored a hat trick to help the team to win 4-0 in advance and ensure the qualification. Last weekends Premier League goal against Norwich also broke two and a half months shortage and ushered in a big win with the team. This weekends league match goal for the third consecutive game, the last three games scored six goals, the condition is hot. UEFA are in the last 16 and the league is also in the European zone. Ruotas recovery has become another reliable pillar for wolves in the sprint stage of the season.

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