Li Baofang: wartime state does not change Maotais marketing pattern

 Li Baofang: wartime state does not change Maotais marketing pattern

At this meeting, Maotai Group proposed to unify and integrate, Maotai liquor cant be long-term managed, sub brands are forbidden to hitchhike, and more support and less intervention should be given to mature subsidiaries such as Xian liquor. According to the actual situation of the epidemic, Li Baofang, Secretary of the Party committee and chairman of Maotai Group, believes that quality and service are still the key to Maotais marketing, and the epidemic will not change the existing channels and patterns of Maotai liquor.

Market work is the foundation of all work in Maotai. If the market doesnt work well, everything will go to zero. Li Baofang said that in the face of the wartime situation and adjusted personnel changes under the epidemic, scientific system, first-class level, stable market and loyal consumers are the key elements of Maotais marketing work this year. In the future marketing work, we should think and solve problems according to this method.

More reasonable marketing management system

The marketing conference held on February 27 was called by Li Baofang as the most important marketing work discussion since the beginning of Maotai new year. In the past two weeks, while trying to prevent and control the epidemic, Maotai has organized 40000 employees to return to work and return to production in an all-round way, and has gone to Daozhen Autonomous County to make further docking on poverty alleviation. All the work is steadily advancing and orderly implemented. On February 26, the state owned assets supervision and Administration Commission of Guizhou Province also announced the personnel adjustment decision in Maotai, where three deputy general managers were removed and two new candidates were nominated at the same time.

After the announcement of personnel changes, the leadership structure including the sales sector has changed. I use one word to describe it. Its strong. Its stronger. Li Baofang specially mentioned the above personnel changes at this marketing special meeting. In order to improve the operation efficiency of the sales line, after the SASAC announced the relevant personnel arrangement, Moutai further adjusted and enriched the management cadres of the first-line marketing system, so that the lines were clear and each performed its own duties.

This is not to say that more people have been added, but that the current structure is more reasonable. From the group to the stock company, and then to the sales company, a very good system has been formed. Li Baofang said that for many years, Moutai has attached great importance to two heads, one is production and the other is market. In this personnel adjustment, we have made great efforts to manage production and market.

Li Baofang also shouted to colleagues in the marketing system: team strength is not a matter of one person, but the team should form complementary advantages and reasonable structure. Marketing work must have scientific system, first-class level, stable market and loyal consumers. These four are the golden iron rules for Maotai to do a good job in marketing and ensure the healthy development of the enterprise. Big housework must be remembered, shouldered and implemented in action. After the marketing team is fully equipped and strengthened, Li Baofang hopes that the production and marketing teams will do a good job next.

Six systems pursue the whole effect

How to strengthen the strategic overall planning function at the group level, and do a good job in the overall planning and top-level design of marketing? Li Baofang believes that we should improve the ability and level of overall planning, improve the ability of market research and judgment, and speed up the response speed and quality According to the reality, the key of Maotais marketing work is two improvements. The ability reflects our level of market control, and the level represents the vision of our marketing team

In addition to overall planning, Li Baofang particularly emphasized six systems: systematic thinking, rather than fragmentation, marketing work involves all aspects, and there are many complicated matters, so we cant see how to fight; systematic research, the market changes rapidly, so that we can really eat through the market, and be able to deal with the crisis when it comes; systematic analysis, massive information every day, what are the commonalities, we must analyze the market thoroughly Only by distinguishing the commonness of the market and the individuality of Maotai, can we have a definite target; the system operation can not be a hammer in the East and a stick in the West; the system coordination should not only manage Maotai liquor and a series of liquor, but also manage other liquor to highlight a game of chess; the system evaluation and the work effect should be scored through the system evaluation to find problems to improve.

In the past few years, no event has happened inside and outside Maotai, including this years new crown epidemic, which we can expect in advance. If we dont get through the front-line situation and master the information ahead, our marketing work cant be done well. Li Baofang said that two improvements and six systems are the final goal of Maotai Groups marketing work, which is to strengthen the thinking of one game of chess , not to fight each other, but to pursue the effect of the whole marketing system of Maotai.

Maotai liquor should be unified and its subsidiaries should be released

As early as 2017, Maotai Group began to promote the brand slimming plan, and its subsidiaries also focused more on wine. The sub brands of Maotai wine, Maotai flavor series wine and Xi wine made the product lineup more complete. This marketing conference of Maotai Group focuses on not only Maotai liquor, but also different strategies for different brands.

Li Baofang believes that the sales of Maotai liquor should be highly unified. In terms of the output of Maotai, we cant manage it in many ways. We need to balance comprehensively and maintain the main channels and major consumer groups. Decentralized management is not desirable and cannot be done.

For the subsidiaries and their products, Li Baofang believes that they should be released. That is to say, the group should support more, guide more, intervene less and do not intervene what the subsidiary can do well. But at the same time of releasing, Li Baofang also drew a red line for the subsidiary companies: all brands that corrupt the brand image of Maotai and cheat consumers should be resolutely cut down; the subsidiary companies can help the group in difficulty, but they can not sell products by matching Maotai liquor, and hitchhiking by using Maotai liquor is a forbidden area.

In recent years, maomaoxiang series liquor and Xi liquor have become important plates to support the strategy of one hundred billion Maotai. From series wine, Xi wine, wine, to health wine, liqueur and other products, Maotais product lines are increasingly diversified, but the development of each product is not balanced, there are differences in the development of each subsidiary, and the impact of the epidemic is not the same.

For the subsidiary companies with mature system such as Xi Jiu, we should support them to give full play to their own marketing system and support them to develop from regional brands to national brands. More support, less intervention, let them do things well. Li Baofang said that unification and release are not contradictory. The core is to fully mobilize the enthusiasm of all parties and give full play to their respective advantages and subjective initiative.

Quality and service are the key to war

At present, as in war, it is a wartime state . The epidemic forced everyone to go out of the door. They can only buy necessities online, and then the community staff will provide distribution services. Li Baofang used wartime state to describe the performance of the current consumer. Some insiders also predict that after the outbreak, the sales, logistics and consumption modes will change, and the traditional marketing channels of Maotai will no longer be competitive.

In response to this topic, Li Baofang believes that wartime state is temporary and will not form a normal state. In the long run, the epidemic will not fundamentally change the channel and marketing mode of Maotai liquor, nor fundamentally change the existing pattern. The most unique feature of Maotai marketing is the sellers market characteristics.

High quality products must emphasize consumption experience. Its like a good suit. Its usually hard to achieve without trying to pick it on the spot. Li Baofang said that after the end of the wartime state, Moutai should actively adapt to the new situation, adapt to the changes in the situation, further improve channel services, and create more adaptive sales methods. However, the quality and service of the products are the key. So we still need to grasp these two points and take them as a starting point to formulate our policies and measures.