The number of confirmed cases in foreign countries has increased dramatically, and the price of masks has skyrocketed

 The number of confirmed cases in foreign countries has increased dramatically, and the price of masks has skyrocketed

The novel coronavirus pneumonia chief of the Geneva announced in February 28th that the global risk level of the new crown pneumonia epidemic was raised to a high level. He also stressed that novel coronavirus pneumonia is still a global opportunity. With the global epidemic spreading and upgrading, the situation of one cover is hard to find is staged in many countries overseas.

Italy: prices are generally 100 times higher, and supply still exceeds demand

According to the latest data released by the Italian Ministry of health at 18:00 on February 29 local time, 1049 new coronavirus patients, 29 dead and 50 cured in Italy. The total number of confirmed new coronavirus infections was 1128, 240 more than that at 18:00 on February 28, including 105 severe cases and 8 new deaths.

11 cities and towns in Lombardy, Veneto and Emilia Romagna, which are seriously affected by the epidemic, continue to implement isolation management, including banning anyone from entering or leaving closed towns, suspending activities such as holding meetings in public or private places, and requiring citizens to reduce going out, etc. The ban is enforced by the police, and offenders face criminal penalties, up to three months in prison or a fine of up to 206 euros.

Lombardys chairman wears a mask and is ridiculed

With just one picture, GDP can be reduced by one point

Novel coronavirus pneumonia, the most serious novel coronavirus pneumonia outbreak in Italy, was announced on Facebook morning, according to the European Union News Agency reported. Attilio Fontana, chairman of the Lombardia new crown pneumonia epidemic, announced on the Facebook that he had to be away from home and office for 14 days because he was confirmed to have a new crown pneumonia virus infection in the district government. He also worked through the Internet and telephone directing.

u25b2 on February 27 local time, fengtana video, chairman of Lombardy region, announced self isolation. Screenshot of Facebook

However, the move has been criticized by a large number of Italian netizens, many of whom believe that Fontanas move is creating panic and causing potential economic losses. With just one picture, GDP can be reduced by one point, wrote one twitter It is also believed that wearing a mask by an Italian government official will affect Italys image in front of the world.

u25b2 Fontana was ridiculed for wearing a mask. Figure EURONET

Professor Walter Riccati, a member of the Executive Committee of the World Health Organization and consultant of Italian health minister speransa, stressed at a press conference on February 25 that masks are only used to protect patients and medical staff. But the Italian Ministry of Health issued 10 new guidelines for the prevention of the disease, which also made it clear that in the absence of respiratory symptoms, the general population does not need to wear masks.

During the carnival in Venice, tourists wearing masks on the streets. According to the independent

But as the number of confirmed cases soared, peoples worries and anxieties about the virus were also quietly spreading. Due to the fear of possible cut-off, the phenomenon of people hoarding shopping money appeared in supermarkets, and a large number of pharmacies were out of masks. In just a few days, there was a shortage of masks all over the country.

The price of masks generally increased 100 times

Frequent theft of hospital materials

The epidemic is the most serious in Lombardy and Veneto, the major economic cities in northern Italy. According to the New York Times, a drugstore in Milan said it sold out all masks in one morning. Even so, we keep getting phone calls from customers. He took the goods from the manufacturer again, but was told that he didnt have them at all, so he had to try again another day. Some drugstores only have a box of 100 large packaged products, which cost as much as 100 euros (760 yuan). People in line began to hesitate.

Last weekend, the passengers who took the train to and from Rome and Milan were very worried. The drugstore in the station is full. People rush to buy masks and disinfectants.

The online price of masks has risen from 10 cents to 10 euros (76.2 yuan), said Tiziana siciliano, Milans Deputy Prosecutor, on February 25

u25b2 on February 24 local time, a notice of sold out of masks was posted on the door of a pharmacy in Venice. Figure CNN

The shortage of hospital materials is even more painful. According to Italian media reports, the Italian nurses Union said that there is a large gap in masks, gloves, protective clothing and so on in Italy, and the inventory in many areas has been used up. On February 25, the mask of Arezzo hospital in Tuscany region was stolen for the second time. The head of Radiology Department of the hospital said, we have lost another two boxes, many of which are medical masks.

Fontana, President of Lombardy, said the region has not been able to get enough medical supplies since the emergency. At present, a Swiss supplier has been contacted in Lombardy region. The other side said that they have a batch of masks in Turkey, and they must transport them back by plane if necessary. Fontana said the requirements of these suppliers are also relatively strict, even if we represent the government of Lombardy, we need to pay in advance to get masks.

A cover is hard to ask, many unscrupulous businessmen take the opportunity to gain a lot. Recently, the Turin tax police inspection team broke a case of selling masks at a high price for huge profits: the merchants are selling masks at a high price, and a small package of masks costs nearly 5000 euros (about 38535 yuan), but its safety can not be verified.

The inspection team of Turin tax police cracked the case of expensive masks. According to the Italian Chinese street

The inspector in charge of the case said, this is only the first step, and we will continue to monitor the market in the future. For the abnormal merchants on eBay, we will also close their accounts on the third-party trading platform.

Its hard to find a local cover

More than 10 days ago, we were exporting

In fact, just over 10 days ago, Italy was still exporting masks. According to iqvia, a global health and pharmaceutical information provider, the weekly sales volume of masks in Italy was 42000 euros from January 13 to 19, surging to 180000 euros from January 20 to 26, and 385000 euros from January 27 to February 2. In normal times, the average weekly sales volume of masks in Italy is only 30000 euros.

People in Milan line up to buy supplies and masks. Many people who dont buy masks can only use scarves instead. Figure CNN

But such Italy is now in an awkward state of oversupply. DPI, headquartered in Rome, is a professional medical company specializing in the production of respiratory protection products, according to the Italian media 24-hour sun. The head of DPI said that the company had used up its 10-year inventory of masks within 10 days, and now received orders for tens of millions of masks every day, equivalent to the orders for masks in the past 10 years.. But most of their products are manufactured by foreign factories. The person in charge said, although we are a manufacturer of protective equipment, we have not produced masks for a long time.

Reporters from the 24-hour sun also went to BLS, a manufacturer of masks and protective equipment in Milan, which has been producing masks since 1970. The head said that in recent days they have received orders for 10 million masks, while the annual market demand for masks in Italy is 15 million to 20 million, which means they have received 50% of Italys annual production capacity in a few days. At present, the company has 40 employees in Italy and 20 in Spain. The workers work in three shifts, 24 hours a day, hoping to produce as many masks as possible.

And Italian Prime Minister kondt also said that Italian protective equipment enterprises should first consider their own needs.

Us: the gap of masks is 270 million, and officials call it not against the law to bid up prices

According to CNN, novel coronavirus pneumonia was confirmed in February 29th. The victim, a male resident of Washington state, had no recent travel experience or contact with a confirmed patient, and was likely to have contracted the virus in the United States, the local community, health officials said at a news conference.

In fact, in a few days, there have been a number of patients in the United States who are difficult to trace the source of infection and suspected of community transmission. The risk of community transmission lies in the risk of further spread of the virus. The government even suggested that the public should be vaccinated against influenza so as to prevent infection in hospitals due to influenza.

u25b2 on February 26 local time, President trump of the United States held a document saying that the United States has done a good job in epidemic prevention, and the people do not need to worry. According to Reuters

According to a report on the website of the voice of Germany on February 27, the U.S. stock market has fallen again and again recently, showing that Trumps words of appeasement have not worked. Previously, trump said that the U.S. has done a good job in epidemic prevention, and people dont need to worry, just wash your hands frequently, just like I was hugged by flu patients..

But the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) warned people to be prepared for further expansion. The CDCs National Center for immunology and respiratory diseases warned on February 25 that people should be prepared for serious disruption in their daily lives, and that the U.S. emergency plan for the outbreak will be similar to the severe measures taken by other countries.

Reuters said the statement marked a change in the tone of the CDCs response to the outbreak, which had previously focused on stopping the virus from entering the United States.

Mask gap: 270 million

The price of e-commerce platform was increased to 7000 yuan

Novel coronavirus is not recommended for healthy people to wear respirators, CDC reported in an article published by New York Times in the outbreak stage. Novel coronavirus pneumonia should be used to prevent those who have new symptoms of pneumonia, so as to prevent the spread of the disease to others. But clearly, the American people are not buying.

The CDC once wrote that it is not recommended for healthy people to wear masks to prevent respiratory diseases. Graph based twitter

In the past few days, people have been lining up to buy N95 masks in front of Holcombe medical equipment store in Houston, Texas, US, according to khou, a CBS affiliated television station. The price of a single N95 mask ranges from $20 (140 yuan) to $25 (175 yuan). The head said the price rise was due to a shortage of masks.

People are waiting in line to buy masks. Most of them dont wear masks either. Photo according to khou TV station

At the same time, the masks of e-commerce platforms in the United States are out of stock. According to data from a company tracking Amazons price, the price of N95 masks has soared since January. Even so, dozens of masks on Amazon are sold out.

According to a report on the US business insider website, some unscrupulous sellers began to increase the price of masks on eBay. In general, ordinary 3M masks cost only a few dollars, but now they are priced up to 40-1000 dollars (about 280.9-7021.4 yuan). In response, the Texas attorney generals office said it was illegal to bid up prices only when the governor or president declared a state of disaster.

Just Tuesday, US health secretary Alex Azar said in a question from US lawmakers that the United States needs to expand the production capacity of medical masks. He said that the United States currently has 30 million N95 medical masks in stock, but it is estimated that the United States needs 300 million masks, and there is still a gap of 270 million. So Congress needs to be asked to fund the procurement.

Trump may consider wartime law

The government requires the medical protection giant to return to China for production

It is worth noting that the trump administration is also beginning to feel anxious about the current fermentation of the U.S. epidemic and the emergency situation of masks as soon as it changes its previous confident attitude towards the control of the epidemic.

The masks in the United States are in a hurry and are often emptied as soon as they are put on the shelves. According to USA Today

According to the novel coronavirus pneumonia, two American officials said that President Trump was considering the special power granted by the war industry to expand the scale of domestic production of protective masks and protective clothing to cope with the new crown pneumonia epidemic. It is reported that the U.S. Congress passed the above laws at the beginning of the Korean War in 1950. Reuters analysis said that the exercise of the power given by the law would mark the escalation of the trump governments response to the epidemic.

At the same time, the United States is asking four overseas enterprises investing in Asias largest economy to return home to produce masks and other medical protective equipment to meet the needs of the United States. It is reported that famous mask companies invested by the United States in Asias largest economy include 3M and Honeywell.

The U.S. government is asking four overseas enterprises, including 3M, to return home to produce masks and other medical protective equipment. According to Yahoo News

However, U.S. Department of health officials pointed out that many raw materials for the production of related products need to be supplied by the Chinese market, obviously, these things are rarely produced in the United States, so if we can only rely on domestic production capacity, the situation may become very serious. Another person familiar with the matter also pointed out that there are few enterprises in the United States that manufacture the above-mentioned materials. If they want to rely on their own capacity to complete production, it may be a difficult task.

South Korea: the demand for masks increased by 7650%, limited purchase, limited purchase and limited purchase again

According to South Koreas central anti epidemic strategy headquarters, as of 4:00 p.m. on March 1, 586 newly confirmed cases have been found in South Korea in the past 24 hours. At present, in addition to the confirmed patients, there are 95185 people in Korea who have been tested for the virus, 61825 of them are negative, and 33360 of them have not been tested.

On February 26, more than 1000 cases were diagnosed in South Korea for the first time, and only three days later, 3000 cases were diagnosed. The forenoon of novel coronavirus epidemic increased to 78 in the countries and regions that took control of Koreas new coronavirus outbreaks, according to the March 1st report of the Korean Foreign Ministry on March 1st, 5 hours.

On February 26, Korean epidemic prevention workers were killing in a traditional market in Seoul. Figure CNN

Demand for medical masks soared by 7650%

People buy masks in a long line

Due to the spread of the epidemic, there is a shortage of epidemic prevention materials in South Korea. According to the data from China News Agency International station, in the past month, the demand for masks in South Korea has increased significantly, with the growth rate of medical masks as high as 7650%. At the same time, the demand growth rate of thermometers has reached 3100%.

Thousands of people lined up to buy masks at the gate of a supermarket in Daegu, South Korea, Feb. 24 local time, the Global Times reported. South Korean media aerial pictures show that the number of people buying masks is hundreds of meters long. Some netizens exclaimed: will the chance of catching new pneumonia be higher if they line up for rush purchase? Its better to stay at home and wash your hands frequently.

On February 24, thousands of people lined up at the gate of the supermarket in Daegu city to buy masks. According to Qingbei daily

On February 25, the food and drug safety department of South Korea cooperated with mask manufacturers and E-mart, a large supermarket, to supply kf94 masks, and gave priority to the supply of 2.21 million masks in Daegu city and North gyeongshang Road, with a limit of 30 for each person, 820 won (about 4.74 yuan). Unexpectedly, only two hours later, the Daegu branch sold 480000 masks, which reached the limit of the day. Later, it could only post an announcement, and each person was limited to buy one mask every day.

According to the peoples daily, in order to ease the tight supply of masks, the South Korean government decided to supply 3.5 million masks to the market every day from the 27th. People can buy them at the official designated sales offices such as pharmacies and post offices, with a limit of 5 masks per person.

The export of masks is prohibited in South Korea

11 million per day is still in short supply

Overseas network novel coronavirus pneumonia reported that the 25 day reported that in order to solve the problem of masks shortage caused by the escalation of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, the South Korean government implemented emergency adjustment masks and hand sanitizer supply from 26 oclock to April 30th, to prevent masks from leaving the country.

u25b2 on February 28 local time, outside a department store in Seoul, South Korea, people lined up with umbrellas to buy masks. According to the Washington Times

According to the measure, from February 26, South Korea banned the export of masks by sellers, and the export volume of manufacturers was also limited to 10% of the production volume of the day. The application of production and sales declaration system is also extended to medical masks. Manufacturers of medical masks need to report daily production, shipment, export and inventory to the food and drug department. If the sellers sell more than 10000 masks to a store in a day, they also need to report the sales price, sales volume and buyer.

On the same day, Li Yiqing, director of the food and drug safety department of South Korea, said at a regular press conference that the current domestic production of masks reached 11 million per day, doubling from the previous two weeks, but still facing a shortage of supply. The government will strictly limit the export volume of masks and mobilize all forces to solve the problem of insufficient supply of masks.

Japan: epidemic superimposed with pollinosis, arguing for masks

According to the Nippon news agency, the gap of masks in Japan is very large recently, and the price is also rising. A box of ordinary medical masks (40 pieces) can even be sold to 200000 yen (about 12937 yuan), with an average of 5000 yen (about 323.5 yuan) each.

The price of masks soared. Figure NHK

To this end, on February 21, Japanese Chief Cabinet Secretary Kan Yiwei responded to the problem of insufficient masks at a regular press conference, saying that the government decided to subsidize and strengthen the production of masks. The relevant departments have asked domestic mask manufacturers to operate 24 hours to increase the production capacity of masks. In addition, they will gradually restore imports from China. It is expected that the weekly production of masks will exceed 100 million. Now, the supply of masks is relatively small It doubled in previous years.

But with the novel coronavirus pneumonia spread and the national disease hay fever entering a high incidence period, the demand for mask has increased sharply in Japan, and the supply of masks has been seriously insufficient in all parts of the country. 900 million. At the door of many drugstores, people can be seen in long lines to buy masks in the morning, and even some customers have disputes because they rush to buy masks.

u25b2 Japan has entered a period of high incidence of pollinosis, and many people who cant buy masks have respiratory problems. Figure NHK

Spain: masks are more Crazy than epidemics, and doctors have to be vigilant

According to the Russian satellite network quoted Spanish media reported on February 29, Spain has 58 confirmed cases of new coronavirus infection. The Spanish Ministry of Health said most of the patients were diagnosed after returning from Italy.

However, according to the newspaper Le Monde, the speed of the disappearance of masks in Spains domestic market seems to be 100 or even 1000 times that of the virus. Drugstores have been snapped up, and other stores have even started selling industrial masks. A box of five medical masks sold online for 99 euros.

A drugstore on Serrano street in Madrid posted a notice: we dont have masks and disinfectants.. According to the world

With the price of masks soaring, many people have hit the hospital with brain bending. According to Reuters, masks and disinfectants have disappeared from hospitals in Spain recently, and some doctors have been monitoring themselves.

On February 26, a doctor at a hospital in Malaga was stopped by a hospital security guard because he secretly took 14 boxes of 300 masks and wanted to give them to his relatives and friends, the Spanish Herald was quoted as saying. Hospitals in the Valencia region have also said that a large number of FFP2 masks have disappeared and even lost a large amount of disinfectant. In response, the hospital said that stealing such protective equipment was a serious crime, and was very worried that such acts would affect the hospitals medical and health care work.

France: prescription is required to buy masks, and local production capacity is far from enough

Novel coronavirus pneumonia increased sharply in February 29th, and the number of confirmed cases was broken again in France on the night of February 29th, when the French Ministry of Health announced that the total number of cases confirmed by France was 100.

French Health Minister Francois Velan announced measures to limit the purchase of masks. From now on, it is necessary to rely on doctors prescriptions to buy masks in pharmacies. He said masks must be left to people who really need them, such as medical staff. He reiterated that if there is no contact or illness with the patient, there is no need to wear a mask.

Although the official appeal is to leave the mask to the medical staff, if there is no contact with the patient or illness, there is no need to wear the mask, many people still wear the mask spontaneously. According to Yahoo News

In fact, the French government has announced the purchase order of tens of millions of medical protective masks (FFP2 type) to meet the needs of medical staff to protest against the epidemic. However, most of the few professional manufacturers in France have been overloaded, and some enterprises are still facing the dilemma of shortage of machinery, equipment and raw materials. A small-scale enterprise leader told France union radio that many factories have been opened in other countries with more serious epidemic situation, leading to the shortage of equipment supply in the market.

According to the French political magazine duck Ming newspaper, Frances current mask production potential reaches up to 40 million per month. If the epidemic accelerates in France, the current domestic production capacity of masks may be far from meeting the epidemic prevention needs.

Who warns that the global market for masks has been severely disrupted

As early as February 7th novel coronavirus pneumonia (WHO) (WHO) had announced that the outbreak of the outbreak caused a long-term shortage of personal protective devices (PPE) such as respirators and respirators worldwide.

According to the World Health Organization, the global inventory of masks has been exhausted, and the price of masks in some places is even 20 times higher than usual, China News Agency reported.

At present, the global market has been seriously disrupted. World Health Organization director general Tan Desai has talked about the shortage of personal protective equipment such as masks. He pointed out that the demand for personal protective equipment such as masks is 100 times of the normal level, and the price is 20 times of the normal level. Moreover, due to the extensive and inappropriate use of personal protective equipment, this shortage is further aggravated.

He also pointed out that the problem of supply and demand could have been solved through global trade, but the emergency of the epidemic made some countries start to restrict the export of masks to ensure their own supply.