The second-hand car industry contracted to fight the epidemic: Youxin reduced salary by more than 20percent and laid off workers

 The second-hand car industry contracted to fight the epidemic: Youxin reduced salary by more than 20percent and laid off workers

Internal notice of Youxin

Previously, it was also reported that Youxin reduced the salaries of its bottom employees and senior executives by 20% - 40%, from February 15 to May 31 this year.

In response to this, Youxin responded to surging news (www.thepaper. CN) saying that Youxin made temporary short-term adjustments to the salaries of some employees and adopted flexible employment methods for some positions, gaining the support and understanding of the vast majority of employees. The average employees salary reduction of Youxin is between 20% and 30%, and that of senior executives is higher than 40%. Pay cut to May. For flexible employees, we will arrange to return to work as long as the epidemic situation improves slightly in a special period.

In addition, Youxin also said that in order to help those employees who have difficulties in living due to the epidemic when their ability is available, Youxin foundation has set up two funds: one is the help fund and the other is the fast aid fund. The support fund is novel coronavirus, which is the main source of support for the immediate family members who suffer from severe diseases or accidents. The management of Youxin thanks the employees for their understanding and contribution, and takes the lead in reducing salary. All employees of Youxin will strive to fight against the epidemic, return to work as soon as possible in accordance with the policy requirements, and strive for greater performance. Youxin adheres to the attitude of being responsible for employees and does not lay off employees.

On February 28, many car groups of the parent company of melon seeds second-hand car sent an internal letter saying that they decided to implement periodic salary and holiday adjustment scheme for the groups positions, which tentatively involves the salary in February and March 2020. The groups VP level: the salary of M6 and above in full sequence will be reduced by 50%; the groups director level: the salary of p9m4 and p10m5 in full sequence will be reduced by 40%; the groups positions: the salary of P sequence and m sequence will be reduced by 30%, and the holiday will be compensated for 13 days.

Melon seeds used car internal letter

In addition, a number of second-hand car employees of melon seeds revealed on the pulse of the platform that they had suffered violent layoffs, and said that the proportion of layoffs was about 30%.

In response to the layoffs and salary cuts, many car groups responded to the surging news that the new crown epidemic occurred suddenly, the willingness of users to buy and sell cars and keep cars decreased, the prevention and control of the epidemic led to a decline in the meeting rate, and it will take time for the business to recover. The company needs to actively make adjustments, preserve its strength and fight against the possible long-term uncertainty risks.

On February 10, Dashu group was also exposed to 70% layoffs. However, Yao Junhong, founder and CEO of dassou, said in an interview with the media that the company did optimize its personnel, about 13% - 14%, and also gave n + 1 compensation. Yao also said the companys layoffs were a business planning adjustment under the epidemic.

Zheng Yun, senior partner of Roland Berger and vice president of Greater China, told the surging news reporter that at present, the whole automobile industry and industrial chain are facing great pressure. The above-mentioned companies layoffs and salary cuts are a relatively normal action. During the epidemic period, the anti risk ability of enterprises is related to the size and development stage of the company. Most used car e-commerce enterprises and car rental enterprises are directly linked to the consumer behavior, and are more obviously impacted by the epidemic.

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