Its not that hard to wear the inspiration from the Paris Fashion Week show

 Its not that hard to wear the inspiration from the Paris Fashion Week show

Practical department: altuzara

With luxurious materials and tailoring, novel details and embellishments, Josep, the designer, takes many Chinese cheongsam as inspiration and works hard. Color from the lightest white to red and blue to the last black, with retro makeup, each model is just like the heroine in a nostalgic movie, with a bit of oriental elegance. As an oriental woman, the dress with Chinese cheongsam inspiration is definitely a must-have item.

Classic: Hermes

Hermes 2020 autumn and winter new series has added a new Olympic color matching, with a touch of fashion in the classic. Hermes has always adhered to the most extreme traditional technology and the simplest advanced beauty, pursuing perfect technology and restrained cutting, showing the independence and self-confidence of contemporary women. Every single piece of Hermes is a versatile one, so you dont have to worry about how to wear it.

Punk: Vivienne Westwood

In the autumn and winter series of Vivienne Westwood, we see eye-catching hair style, corset and classic SCOTTISH PLAID, which belong to the British rock and roll style of the queen Dowager. If you are a master of dressing and matching, in fact, the items on the show of Empress Dowager can be mixed with other simple items, which will also have a very good effect.

The autumn and winter collections of commedes Garcons are all in the air. The structural shapes are overlapped layer by layer. The combination of various geometric spheres, veils and towering headdresses is the wonderful fashion art of commedes Garcons. Wonderful design needs wonderful idea of dressing. Try it, maybe you have it!

Source: Netease fashion editor: Pan Jingxian, nq0184