Take root in the fashion circle, Sharapova has the capital to turn around

 Take root in the fashion circle, Sharapova has the capital to turn around

In February of this year, Sharapova appeared at the show of New York Fashion week. She and Anna, the editor in chief of American edition, watched the show in front of the same frame. From the seat alone, we can see that her position in the fashion circle is not small.

On the same day, she was wearing the black suit of Vera Wang, the queen of the wedding dress, with a chiffon perspective shirt inside. She was handsome and feminine, just as she was in the sports field.

The day before yesterday, she also attended a party at the Oscar fame and wealth arena. A mustard green perspective suit vividly explained the noble style. Sava proved that she didnt come to the Oscar brush to have a sense of existence. Compared with those stars and supermodels, her personal status and fashion sense were no less than theirs.

In fact, this is not the first time that Sawa has appeared in Oscar. She can be called a frequent visitor to the stage. On her social platform, she also shared her modeling in this stage in the past few years. It can be salt and sweet, but she can be A.

In fact, Sava is a pants girl in her life. All kinds of trousers are the items she will wear no matter where she goes. With her perfect body proportion, she can match supermodel.

Occasionally, she will be laughed at by her mother for wearing grandmas socks. Of course, Sava also has a little humor and tells her that this is the current fashion.

Art is an indispensable spiritual food in Savas life. When visiting any art exhibition and art activity, she will definitely put on a skirt and take photos with her favorite works of art, and recommend them to her fans without reservation.

Recently, Sava showed her new home in Los Angeles in front of the media. She participated in all the details of the design. From the photos, we can see the show of Savas artistic talent. This Japanese style mansion, with stone gray as the main tone, is simple and fresh with green plants everywhere.

As an athlete, Sava not only has a slender body, but also has abs that make everyone envious and jealous. No wonder she looks good in everything.

Look, this is her daily exercise, weight-bearing abdominal muscle tearing exercise, which is not easy for ordinary people to do.

How about, is Savas performance in fashion beyond our imagination? Lets look forward to her gorgeous turn in the fashion circle!

Source: Netease fashion editor: Pan Jingxian, nq0184