The profound meaning of Xi Jinpings essays on seeking truth

 The profound meaning of Xi Jinpings essays on seeking truth

Although the two meetings focused on the construction of the rule of law and the comprehensive and deep reform, they can actually be regarded as a whole - both of which are at the height of promoting the modernization of the national governance system and governance capacity, and from the perspective of summing up experience and learning lessons.

Reform and rule of law, such as two wings of birds, two wheels of cars. This is emphasized by general secretary Xi Jinping many times. Therefore, the speech contents of the two meetings can be naturally gathered in one article. For example, the article from the meeting of the Central Committee for the comprehensive rule of law is to follow the logic of legislation, law enforcement, justice and law-abiding; while from the meeting of the Central Committee for the deep reform, the article puts forward five requirements. The first point is to strengthen the legal protection of public health, and first of all, it talks about the relevant legislation. Before and after the two parts, both specifically mentioned the revision, improvement and resolute implementation of the wildlife protection law and the law on the prevention and control of infectious diseases.

The rule of law can consolidate the foundation, stabilize the expectation and benefit the long-term. Reform is the key to determine the fate of contemporary China. General secretary Xi Jinping once stressed that scientific legislation is an important link in dealing with the relationship between reform and rule of law. It is necessary to link legislation with reform decision-making, so that major reforms can be based on laws, and legislation can actively adapt to the needs of reform and development. This epidemic reminds us that in relevant fields, the two wings and two rounds of reform and rule of law should be accelerated.

Clearly put forward comprehensively improve national biosafety governance capacity

It is an important requirement for general secretary Xi Jinping to put biosecurity into the national security system and comprehensively improve the ability of national biosafety governance. Since the Fourth Plenary Session of the 19th Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, we have further focused on system building and governance capacity building. A great epidemic has made us realize the extreme importance of biosafety. In the task book of national governance capacity building, it is obvious that the governance capacity building in this area should be further advanced.

Around adhering to the overall national security concept, we should attach importance to both traditional and non-traditional security. In this regard, general secretary Xi Jinping mentioned a lot of security - political security, homeland security, military security, economic security, cultural security, social security, science and technology security, information security, ecological security, resource security, nuclear safety and so on. Biosafety he also mentioned many times. The concrete reform in this regard starts with the construction of the rule of law. In recent years, the National Peoples Congress has made a lot of substantive progress in biosafety legislation. After this epidemic, it should accelerate.

We should attach importance to both our own security and common security. At present, the situation of global war epidemic has been formed. China is not just doing its own business behind closed doors, but has been cooperating with the international community in two ways. This is a responsible attitude towards world public health and a positive attitude towards maintaining common security.

Adhering to the overall concept of national security is taking peoples security as the purpose. This has the same meaning with the putting peoples life safety and health first repeatedly stressed by the general secretary recently.

Adhere to the principle of prevention and avoid minor diseases leading to major epidemics

In this important article of seeking truth, there is a paragraph that specifically talks about reforming and improving the disease prevention and control system. General secretary Xi Jinping said, I have said that prevention is the most economic and effective health strategy. We should resolutely implement the health and health work policy of prevention first, persist in constant preparation and unremitting efforts, move forward the level of prevention, and avoid minor diseases leading to major epidemics. .

u25b3 national health and health conference, August 2016

In order to have a deeper understanding of its meaning, we might as well turn our attention back to four years ago. In August 2016, the national health and health conference was held. From the word health juxtaposed with health in the name of the Congress, we can experience new ideas. General secretary Xi Jinping put forward at the meeting, we must adhere to the correct policy of health and health, focus on the grass-roots level, reform and innovation as the driving force, give priority to prevention, pay equal attention to both Chinese and Western medicine, integrate health into all policies, and build and share the common people.

Health has been placed in an unprecedented important position. At that time, the general secretary specifically talked about prevention -- we should unswervingly implement the principle of prevention first, adhere to the combination of prevention and control, joint prevention and control, group prevention and control, and strive to provide the people with the whole life cycle of health and health services. We should pay attention to the prevention and control of major diseases, optimize prevention and control strategies, and minimize the number of people suffering from diseases. . Compared with what the whole society thinks and does at present, we can realize that some shortcomings and shortcomings exposed by this epidemic are just under the meaning of health, some things that should be done have not been done well, and for some things that have been done, we need to go further and put forward higher requirements.

To strengthen the system guarantee of improving peoples health level was put forward at the Fourth Plenary Session of the 19th CPC Central Committee. Among them, it not only specifically mentioned strengthening public health epidemic prevention and control of major infectious diseases, but also deployed many major reforms around health and health. From the important article seeking truth, we can not only understand the interlinkage between its inner meaning and the spirit of the fourth plenary session, but also realize the sense of urgency brought by this epidemic.

Finding problems is the first step to solve them. To solve the problem, we need to do a good job in epidemic prevention and control, and in the long run, we need to make more efforts in the two wings and two rounds of reform and the rule of law. (article Yang Yu, special commentator)