Free Hubei tenants are informed to freeze the door lock? Tenant: by what!

 Free Hubei tenants are informed to freeze the door lock? Tenant: by what!

A letter to the tenant

The houses rented by Hubei native tenants should be blocked with password lock

By what?

Yesterday (February 28) in the afternoon, the housekeeper called me and didnt communicate with me. He didnt ask if he could, so he directly informed me that the room lock would be frozen. Why is this? Ms. Shi, a native of Huangshi, Hubei Province, returned to Huangshi from Hangzhou on January 22. She stayed at home and didnt go out. On February 28, she received the call from the free staff. Ms. Shi was puzzled about this, and asked the staff the reason for freezing the lock. I replied that it was because of the need for epidemic prevention and control.

Ms. Shi was helpless. If the staff said I would go back, they would communicate with them three days in advance, and then they would communicate with the community.

Wu, a Wuhan based tenant in Beijings Chaoyang District, also received a call from staff to freeze the door locks. Ms. Wu said that when she received the notice, she asked the staff on the spot about the rationality of the move. I think the government and the community can control it, but what right do they have to freeze the tenants door lock freely? I asked them if they had any documents and policies to support this approach. Ms. Wu said that the staff did not reply at that time. I received a text message after a while, and there was no positive answer to my question about freezing the door lock in the text message.

Ms. Wu showed the screenshot of the short message to the reporter. The reporter saw that the staff replied that in order to ensure the health and safety of the free community and cooperate with the overall epidemic prevention and control management, we will strictly manage the access of community personnel. Please contact the housekeeper 3 days in advance when you return to Beijing. We will help you to settle down and go through the relevant procedures for community access.

Text messages sent to Ms. Wu by free staff

When a tenant complained, he was told that the door lock was not frozen

As a tenant, since I have paid the rent, I have the right to use the house. Even if I dont live, you cant freeze my door lock. Ms. He, who rents a house in Futian District, Shenzhen, is from Qianjiang, Hubei Province. When she received the notice from the staff that she wanted to freeze the door lock, she clearly expressed her opposition, I want to isolate and report for recordation. Thats all my business. But if I rent a house with my own money, does it mean that I lock it?

Ms. He, who did not accept the freezing of the door lock, has been communicating this matter with the staff. Later, the staff said that they would give feedback to the headquarters. As a result, they replied to me this morning, saying that my personal lock could not be frozen. Ms. He said, it seems that we need to make a fuss, and the door lock can not be frozen. Other tenants of Hubei nationality have received the notice to freeze the door lock, but if there is a big fuss like me, they can tell me not to freeze it.

Dialogue between Ms. He and the free staff

After I complained, I contacted me freely and said that I would not freeze my room lock. Ms. Huang said, what is the basis for distinguishing whether the lock is frozen or not?

Free to freeze password lock

That might open my door, too

Freezing the house lock reminds Ms. Huang of something at the end of last year. It was after 10 p.m. at that time, she just took a bath in her room. She was a shared room, and the door of her room would also have a password lock, but suddenly someone opened her password lock and entered the room. I thought it was a thief, but it turned out that it was cleaning auntie. When she saw that I was in the room, she closed the door and left. Ms. Huang said that the contract made it clear that the cleaning personnel would only do public area sanitation, and the cleaning personnel would not have the right to enter or clean the private room. I complained freely. I said that how could cleaning know my password? Freely, I said it could be a system error, and I didnt say anything else.

In response, Ms. Huang was afraid, the free staff know my password, can come in at any time, can freeze at any time, feel that they have been peeped, just one camera is monitoring.

Screenshot of Ms. Huang and the free staff

Tang, a renter from Wuhan, Hubei Province, who rents a house in Chaoyang District, Beijing, also has the feeling of being peeped. Ms. Tang told reporters that she had been at home since she returned to Wuhan in January. During that time, she sent a courier to her address in Beijing and asked her friends to help her get it. When my friend came in, he called me and asked if I had returned to Beijing. Ms. Tang said it made her feel terrible. They can check my door opening record and freeze my door lock, which is very likely that they can also open my door lock.

Free to reply:

In order to cooperate with the overall epidemic prevention and control, separate house source isolation will be arranged

To this end, the Red Star News reporter consulted Zifang.

The staff told reporters that according to the companys arrangement, after the return of the Hubei native tenants, the company will arrange the whole rental housing for the tenants to live in isolation for 14 days free. After the isolation period, the tenants can return to their own housing.

Freezing the door lock, on the one hand, is to cooperate with the epidemic prevention and control, on the other hand, is also to ensure the safety of the room during the period when the tenants can not feed back the room temporarily. The staff said.

Lawyers opinion:

If there is no agreement in the contract and it cannot constitute force majeure, it is a breach of contract.

Li Linshan, a lawyer from Sichuan Yuanxu law firm, said that whether Ziyi has the right to freeze the password should be judged according to the house lease contract signed by the tenant and Ziyi. If there is no agreement in the contract and it cannot constitute force majeure, the act of Ziyi unilaterally freezing the password is a breach of contract, and the tenant can freely bear the liability for breach of contract according to the agreement in the lease contract. However, in view of the special period now, both parties to the lease are greatly affected by the new coronavirus, and both parties can conduct friendly negotiations in a mutual understanding and accommodation attitude.

Zhang Qijie, a lawyer from Sichuan Fucheng law firm, said that the lessee obtained the right to use the house based on the lease contract, freeing the door lock freely infringed the right to use the house, which has constituted a breach of contract. However, if the breach is caused by force majeure caused by social reasons such as the governments prohibition order and other policy reasons, it is an exemption for the breaching party. If the local government has the relevant documents to support or require the personnel of Hubei nationality to control and isolate before renting back the house, it may constitute force majeure, and the corresponding liability for breach of contract can be exempted freely.

Its hard for people from the north of Jinghu to enter the community official: perfect measures to correct

Chen Bei, deputy secretary-general of the Beijing municipal government, said Tuesday that there were some cases in the early stage and a few in the near future. It does exist in a series of measures to strengthen prevention and control. Although it is an individual case, it reminds us that in terms of the comprehensiveness of information acquisition and the accuracy of work, we need to further implement it in the next step.

Hubei tenants of Guangzhou No.1 community returned to Guangzhou and the owners raised funds to persuade their hotels to isolate

Owners of the Southern District of Tianlu garden in Huangpu District, Guangzhou, said there were Hubei residents returning from the epidemic area this week. Considering the safety, they hoped that these residents could go to the hotel for centralized isolation, but they were refused.