CDC: Washington or the first outbreak in the United States

 CDC: Washington or the first outbreak in the United States

In addition, novel coronavirus pneumonia is similar to more than 50 people in a nursing center in Washington state, and many cases of unknown infection in the United States are confirmed. Experts warn that community transmission of the new coronavirus may have begun this week on the west coast of the United States.

More than 50 people in a care center in Washington have symptoms or are facing an outbreak

Washington State may become the first outbreak center in the United States, according to the Centers for Disease Control and prevention.

A novel coronavirus pneumonia case in the state has been reported on 29 days, according to The Associated Press, a health ministry official in Washington state. The victim was a man in his 50s who had no previous travel history or contact with a confirmed case.

In addition, Washington State on the same day also added 4 cases of new coronavirus positive cases. An 18-year-old senior high school student developed physical pain, chills, headaches and other symptoms on the 24th, then improved and returned to school. On the 28th, he was diagnosed with the new coronavirus. According to reports, his school will be temporarily closed for disinfection. The patient has no recent travel history to the outbreak site, and the infection route is unknown. Another case is a woman in her 50s who recently traveled to Daegu, South Korea.

Two other cases were associated with the life care center of Kirkland, Washington, a 40 something medical worker and a 70 something patient. Neither has a history of overseas travel, and the 70 something patient is in a serious condition.

The pension center has attracted the attention of CDC in the United States.

According to NBC, Washington State Department of health officials said 27 patients and 25 staff at the center had symptoms similar to new coronavirus infection, such as respiratory symptoms or pneumonia. Seattle and Kim county health officials Jeff dachin said they will test the men for the new coronavirus and are investigating it as an outbreak.

The center said in a statement that it has refused to receive new patients and visitors, and that patients and staff of the center who have developed relevant symptoms, as well as those who may have been exposed, will be isolated..

Although the Washington state death was not related to the care center, he was treated at the same hospital as other confirmed patients at the center.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said they believe the center may have the first outbreak in the United States and they are taking relevant measures.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia (JayInslee) announced that Washington state has entered a state of emergency on 29 th. He called on all state agencies to use all the necessary resources to prepare for the new outbreak of pneumonia in Jay Insley. Insley said he would not rule out the involvement of the Washington National Guard if necessary. We will try to make sure that no one dies from this virus again, Insley said.

U.S. experts say there has been a persistent infection, and trump stressed that the risk is still low

The novel coronavirus pneumonia novel coronavirus pneumonia Nancy Meissonier, 29, said that the new US crown pneumonia epidemic is limited to some communities. The new crown pneumonia epidemic is not spreading nationwide. CDC and the federal government will continue to maintain this trend.

President Trump also insisted novel coronavirus pneumonia risks to the American public are still low.

Trump held a press conference at the White House on the 29th, CNN reported. Most patients with the new coronavirus have mild or moderate symptoms, and are treated at home, just like a bad cold or flu, said US health secretary Alex Azar.

Trump asked the media, politicians and relevant personnel not to incite panic, because there is no need to panic.. Trump said the United States will issue more travel bans to stop the further spread of the new coronavirus. In addition, he will discuss the development of a new coronavirus vaccine with the head of the pharmaceutical agency.

NBC video screenshot.

The novel coronavirus pneumonia, which is still a low risk for Americans, is facing more sad news, Mike Burns, vice president of the new US crown epidemic response, told CNN. In an interview clip released by CNN, Burns said, we know there will be more confirmed cases.. When asked if novel coronavirus pneumonia would occur in more Americans, Burns called it possible.

However, many U.S. Department of health officials and epidemiologists believe that the risk of outbreaks in the United States is increasing.

Frank Ledo, an infectious disease expert at the evergreen health care center in Kirkland, said that at present what we see is just the tip of the iceberg and there has been a continuous infection.

In fact, as of the 29th, there have been four confirmed cases with unknown infection path in the United States, which some experts believe indicates that community transmission may have occurred in the United States.

At present, 71 new coronavirus positive cases have been confirmed in the United States, including 44 from the Diamond Princess cruise ship, 3 from Wuhan, China, and 24 from the United States. The 24 cases were in Arizona, California, Illinois, Massachusetts, Oregon, Washington and Wisconsin. Experts said that as federal, state and local officials expand the scope of testing, it is expected that the number of confirmed cases will continue to rise.

US medical director calls for people to stop buying masks

Although the trump administration has repeatedly stressed that the risk of the outbreak is still low, many Americans have begun to rush to buy protective equipment such as masks.

According to CNN, in the past month, there has been a surge in demand for masks in the United States, which has led to a surge in the price of masks. According to statistics, in the past 30 days, the number of searches of N95 mask on Amazon platform has reached 862000, compared with 4500 in the previous 30 days. The price of some masks also soared from $8 a box to more than $200 a box. At present, there is also a shortage of masks in domestic pharmacies in the United States, and some online orders have been cancelled.

US medical director (surgeon general) Dr. Jerome Adams on twitter on the 29th called on the American people to stop buying masks. Seriously, everyone should stop buying masks, Adams said Adams called on people to take daily protective measures, such as frequent hand washing, daily disinfection, and influenza vaccine injection.

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and prevention also said on its website that it is not recommended that the public wear masks to prevent respiratory diseases, including coronavirus disease (covid-19). CDC said patients with the symptoms of covid-19 should wear masks to prevent transmission of the virus to other people, and masks are necessary for medical staff.

Screenshot of CDC official website.

U.S. Department of health officials said that a large number of people buying masks will lead to a shortage of masks for medical staff, which is actually not conducive to dealing with the epidemic. William Schaffner, Professor of preventive medicine at Vanderbilt University School of medicine, said that the publics rush to buy masks was just a psychological need and that when the virus comes, many people feel helpless.. Wearing a mask is a kind of psychological comfort.

According to Fox News, Washington State Department of health officials said at a press conference on the 29th that in the face of the epidemic, there is no need to panic, but be prepared. Jeff dachin, a health official in Seattle and King County, said most of the confirmed cases had mild symptoms and did not even require medical treatment. But he called on people to develop good hygiene habits, such as frequent hand washing, reducing face contact, reducing social activities, etc., while working remotely as much as possible, and staying at home when sick.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia is not yet known to the US, but most experts believe that the United States is able to prevent or respond to possible global pandemic, as New York Times has reported, because the United States has the best medical infrastructure, the most modern hospital and the most advanced scientists.

However, the United States is also facing some difficulties, such as the shortage of respirators, medical masks and other protective equipment. In addition, some rural areas and relatively poor areas lack of medical resources and face greater risks.