After the field trip, international experts unanimously affirmed what China said?

 After the field trip, international experts unanimously affirmed what China said?

These are 25 experts from China, Germany, Japan, South Korea, Nigeria, Russia, Singapore, the United States and the World Health Organization. They come to a more convincing conclusion through a nine-day field trip to China.

Dr Bruce elwald, senior adviser to the WHO director general, is the foreign leader of the joint mission. Recently, at two press conferences held in Beijing and Geneva, he talked about his feelings after the field trip:

If I am infected, I hope to be treated in China;

Chinas method is the only one we know and proved successful by facts;

Why does elwald and his colleagues have such feelings and conclusions?

As the investigation team saw on the front line of epidemic prevention and control: Chinas approach is to use whatever is needed, adjust, adapt and save lives since there is no medicine or vaccine. This kind of saving life by all means is the primary consideration for Chinas epidemic prevention and control, and also a significant embodiment of Chinas institutional advantages.

Xi Jinping, Chinas top leader, has repeatedly stressed that China should always put the safety and health of the people in the first place. In Wuhan, we will build two hospitals with a total capacity of more than 2500 beds in just a dozen days, and then build a network of epidemic prevention and control in depth. The strong mobilization and decisive execution ability of China will be based on respect and protection of life. And the collective will of altruism left a deep impression on the investigation team.

As they wrote in their investigation report, China has taken firm and powerful comprehensive non drug interventions, including active monitoring, rapid detection and immediate diagnosis of isolated cases, strict tracking and isolation of close contacts, etc., which are very effective in cutting off the route of virus transmission.

What impresses experts is Chinas efforts to make full use of big data, artificial intelligence, 5g and other technical means to treat patients. For example, when elwald talked about their visit to Sichuan, he saw that the epidemiological investigation team in remote areas used 5g platform to interact with high-level experts in Sichuan Province. This made him exclaim that the old method and modern technology had a greater effect.

In addition, in order to save lives, Chinas huge investment in medical equipment and other fields has also been recognized by the joint inspection team. Elwald quoted a conversation from a field trip at the conference: I asked them how many ventilators do they have? They say 50, 60. How many ecmos are there? They said five. There are five hospitals, not so many in Europe.

At the same time, all the Chinese are supporting the supply of materials, donations, and cheers for Wuhan. As stated in the inspection report, the sincerity and dedication of the Chinese people deeply touched all members of the joint inspection team. Stephen Perry, chairman of 48 British group clubs, also believes that the fight against the epidemic highlights the selfless dedication and solidarity of the Chinese people.

At present, through hard work, the situation of epidemic prevention and control in China is generally stable and stable. The data also confirmed this: on the 29th, the number of newly confirmed cases in other provinces and cities except Hubei Province in mainland China dropped to 3, a single digit for three consecutive days.

But at the same time, the epidemic is spreading around the world. Who director general Tan Desai novel coronavirus pneumonia global risk level from the previous high to very high. How to control the spread of the epidemic as soon as possible has become an urgent task for the international community.

The China novel coronavirus pneumonia report stressed that the measures taken by China have provided important experience for the global response to the new crown pneumonia. In elwalds view, whether it is the closure of Wuhan, or Chinas move to quickly find infected people, track every contact and ensure the isolation of every one of them, it is worth learning from the international community.

Danilo Turke, former president of Slovenia, recently wrote that changing the way of thinking, joining hands with the masses to fight the epidemic and strengthening the response capacity of medical institutions are effective experience summaries confirmed in Chinas practice, which have global reference significance.

According to the associated press on February 29, the best way to stop the spread of the virus is to take blocking measures like China before insufficient awareness of the new coronavirus and the absence of specific drugs and vaccines.

It is seen that the Italian government has taken closed management measures for the cities with concentrated outbreaks; South Korea has decided to divide Daegu and Qingbei into special control areas and take super strong blocking measures to prevent the spread of the epidemic.

When Chinas top leader Xi Jinping recently spoke to foreign leaders and met with foreign guests or wrote letters to foreign friends, he stressed that mankind is a destiny community. China will continue to strengthen cooperation with countries to effectively cope with the epidemic and safeguard regional and global public health safety.

Under the guidance of this principle, China has maintained close communication with Japan, South Korea, Iran and other countries, shared information and experience, and provided medical material assistance to the best of its ability, demonstrating the responsibility and responsibility of a major country.

Viruses have no borders, and countries should be on the alert, but there is no need to panic too much. As Tan Desai stressed, as long as the right measures are taken, the epidemic can be contained, this is one of the key messages from China.. (International commentator)