Record of overseas winter training of CSL

 Record of overseas winter training of CSL

Because of the impact of the new crown epidemic, more than half of the Chinese Super teams chose overseas training. The open date of the Chinese Super League, so that each team does not know when winter training can end.

Floating in a foreign country, its more or less difficult.

Shenhua team members training in Dubai

Shenhua changes its way to Dubai and Suning returns

Before and after the lunar new year, the situation faced by the four teams competing in the Asian Championships of the Chinese Super League is best described as the plan cant catch up with the changes.

In particular, Shenhua, who was scheduled to participate in the Super Cup on February 5, received the notice of cancellation of the Super Cup as early as during the winter training in Haikou.

For this reason, Shenhua decided to fly to Perth in advance. At the end of January, the whole team flew back from Haikou to Pudong Airport, stopped at the hotel next to the airport for a while, bought the ticket from Shanghai to Perth on February 2, and prepared to go to Australia one week in advance for the match between 11th and Perth. Unexpectedly, the day before departure, the Australian government began to restrict the entry of Chinese citizens on February 1.

Considering that all countries will change their policies at any time, Shenhua immediately decided to change the overseas training venue to Dubai, which is convenient for the team to go to Japan and South Korea to participate in the Asian championship at any time. In early February, Shenhua and Shanggang successively flew to Dubai.

A member of Shenhuas team told the surging news reporter that with the first round of the Asian Championship group match set by AFC on April 7, Shenhua began to prepare for the match according to this schedule, the previous training in Haikou and the first stage in Dubai is equal to white training, and Lao Cui (Kangxi) is very headache, because the winter training cant be interrupted.. But we cant train all the time, so the team is not in shape, so we have to give the players a holiday. Now we prepare for the first game on April 7. If the time of the game changes again, it will have to change again.

Suning has gone through two Dubai winter training. Seeing that the opening period of the Chinese Super League is not determined yet, and that there is no need to play the second championship, Suning simply ended the second phase of Dubai winter training at the end of February and returned to China for standby. Olaroyo also gives the whole team a holiday. The specific recovery training time will be determined according to the opening time of the league.

Guoans winter training spans three countries. The team started winter training in Jeju Island, South Korea in early January, and then went to Thailand for training and competition in early February because of the relationship between the first Asian Championship group match and Thailands Chiang Rai United game. After the game, the team also gave the players about 10 days off. In early March, the team will travel to Dubai to start the third stage of winter training.

Overseas training, safety first

Among players, the most frequent communication is the latest situation of the epidemic. For the teams participating in the Asian championship, we need not only pay attention to the latest situation in China, but also the dynamic situation in Japan and South Korea. In recent days, most players feel that the situation in China is gradually getting better, but it seems that the situation in Japan and South Korea is not very optimistic. Now we dont know how the Asian championship is going.

Idle is also idle, many players in foreign countries also want to do something to fight the epidemic. The six players, Lin Chuangyi, Li Shenglong, Zhang Yi, Chen Binbin, Wei Zhen and Li Haowen, went to many dispensaries in Dubai city after training. Finally, they bought a lot of N95 masks made in Dubai and prepared to pack and send them back to China for donation as soon as possible.

Pereira, who had previously returned to Portugal to visit his family, purchased a large number of medical supplies (medical masks, medical caps, etc.) through the local medical supplies company in Lisbon. It is reported that this batch of materials entered the Customs on February 22 through international transshipment, and the Shanggang club will donate them to Huashan Hospital and Dongfang Hospital through Shanghai Charity Foundation at the first time to fight against the epidemic.

To some extent, in this special period, spiritual power is indispensable. At the beginning of February, Zhou Jun, general manager of Shenhua, who set out with the team to supervise the war in Dubai, mobilized the team. Before the second round of the FA Cup final in December last year, the mobilization of Chairman Wu Xiaohui and general manager Zhou Jun was an important reason for Shenhuas final 3-0 turnover.

This time Shenhua just transferred the training ground from Dubai to Abu Dhabi. Before the next training phase, Zhou told the players not to relax in a special period, everyone is the best help to the motherland. After the game recovers, Shenhua will show its style in the Asian Championship and win honor for Chinese football

Shenhua team member training

Want to eat Chinese food, worry about long hair

In their own words, the life of players overseas is just too boring. Every day when they arrive at the training ground, they dont have much new ideas.

At special times, the club leader also told the players not to go out if it is not necessary. Take Shenhua as an example. The training base in Dubai is far away from the city. Its nearly 100 kilometers to and fro once a week. Players go out in groups for one or two days a week, go shopping and buy daily necessities.

The teams training base is close to the seaside, so players can go out of the hotel to go to the seaside and play beach football. There are also tennis, squash, basketball and other facilities in the hotel, which are often chosen by players.

Game consoles are also essential companions for winter training. Many players will play live football in their rooms. Of course, there are also some video games that young people like. The managers basically do not interfere in this, they also know that this period of time is more difficult, only told the players not to indulge in the influence of rest.

Dubai and Europe have only 4 hours time difference, which makes it convenient for players to watch some European leagues. Wu Lei represents the Spaniard and wolves in the two rounds of the Europa League group match. Many players in Hong Kong open their iPads early to watch the whole process.

The players suck every day to make video calls to their families at a fixed time. Unfortunately, because the WiFi of the hotel is not powerful, people can only switch to 4G for video chat, and the 500M traffic flow is enough for more than half an hour.

There are also family members of players and their children who come to Dubai to accompany them during the teams holiday. This kind of company is precious for players in this period.

Taking advantage of the holiday time, many players and staff are looking for Chinese food together. As there are also cases of infection in the UAE, we also try to avoid going to crowded hotels. Fortunately, there have been many winter trainings in Dubai in recent years. We are not new to local Chinese restaurants, especially hotpot stores. We often meet acquaintances from other teams when we are having tooth sacrifices.

The training has been a long time, and the long hair is also a bit annoying. Many international players had the experience of hairdressing in the UAE during the Asian Cup last year. They jokingly said that the level of local hairdressers is far lower than that of domestic Tony teachers, so some team members also played the role of hairdressers temporarily