Review of new cars launched in February by Geely icon / willanda / Changxun

 Review of new cars launched in February by Geely icon / willanda / Changxun

Listing time: February 24

Guide price range: 115800-128800 yuan

Geely icon (Q & a | community) is Geelys new years play this year, but affected by the epidemic, the car can only hold a new car press conference online. There are 4 models launched this time, with the official guide price of RMB 1158-128800. Among them, Geely icon Galaxy Limited Edition model has been launched in December last year, with the guide price of RMB 1322000 and limited to 2020 sets. Geely icon is equipped with 1.5T traditional fuel power and 1.5T + 48vbsg light hybrid power, all of which are matched with 7-speed double clutch gearbox. At the same time, the new car is named with i7 (low configuration) and i9 (high configuration) to distinguish the configuration.

[new car information

1. The second SUV based on Geely BMA modular architecture

2. The design of concepticon

3. Interior with two 10.25 inch screens is more luxurious

4. Powered by 1.5T conventional fuel power and 1.5T + 48vbsg light hybrid

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From the future to break the boundary of process design

As a brand new model named in English for the first time by Geely, icon usually represents peoples idols and conveys the social spirit of the era; icon is also the icon of current mobile terminal applications, symbolizing the entrance of digital journey. Geely icon is a mass production version of a highly restored concept car. Geely icon is also an entrance for young people to link future digital life and create a new icon in the automobile era.

Exquisite interior and rich technology configuration

The interior of Geely icon also comes from the design style of the concept car. The two-color design of the center console makes the overall level more distinct. With two 10.25 inch screens, the time symbol design language is used at the air conditioner outlet, the front cup holder and the door handle and other positions. The soft materials are used for daily contact, and the double suture is used to further increase the interior The texture of the decoration.

Two 10.25 inch large central control screens are designed in suspension. In order to solve the problem of reflection, Geely icon finally selected Ag processing technology on the screen. The reflectivity can be less than 6%, ensuring that the suspended screen can not be affected by the light source in each use scenario. In fact, it is very clear in use.

Geely icon is also equipped with 180 u00b0 chassis perspective function, which can monitor the road conditions in all directions and provide the driver with a full range of vision. From then on, there is no need to worry about the scratch of the chassis, and you can see the wheel position, complete potholes, stones and other dangerous situations.

The designer designed a custom button for the system, which can be set as a shortcut button for any function according to the users preference. When I got the car, the system had preset it as a navigation system button, which was very convenient to use. At the same time, Geely icon has its own LVDS transmission technology at the same level. Two 10.25 inch full-color LCD screens can realize real-time interaction between two screens through three finger sliding screen.

Geely icon will become the first mass production new car of Geely Automobile in the 370 million R & D all-round health automobile plan, and Geely icon will become the first mass production model equipped with cn95 high efficiency composite air conditioning filter element of vehicle specification level. The air purification system will be upgraded to IAPs intelligent air purification system with virus isolation and prevention function in the vehicle. Provide medical level safety protection for users and lead the development trend of healthy vehicles. Geely will also upgrade its Galaxy Limited Edition car owners who have already collected their cars to the system.

In terms of configuration, Geely icon is also equipped with one button start, electronic hand brake, automatic engine start and stop, automatic headlight and other functions to further improve the comfort of the car. In terms of safety configuration, the new car is also equipped with 6 airbags, esp body stability control system, lane departure warning, self-adaptive cruise system, automatic parking and other functions, taking the lead in realizing L2 level automatic driving and further improving the integrity Safety of the car.

Thanks to the BMA architecture, Geely icons space utilization rate is very good. Through the optimal layout of parts, it has achieved 68.7% of the same levels maximum wheelbase utilization rate, which is why as a compact product, Geely icons rear passengers can have such satisfactory leg space and up to 31 storage spaces.

Provide 1.5T or 1.5T + 48V light mixing system

In terms of power, Geely icon adopts the combination of 1.5T turbocharged engine and 1.5T engine + 48V micro hybrid system, in which the maximum power of 1.5T engine is 130kW, the maximum torque is 255n u00b7 m, and the 48V micro hybrid system can bring additional 10kW power and 45N u00b7 m torque, the comprehensive power of the system is 140kW, and the comprehensive torque of the system is 300N u00b7 m; the whole system is matched with 7-gear double clutch gearbox. At the same time, the 100 km comprehensive fuel consumption of the model with 1.5T engine is 6.3l, while that of the model with 48V micro hybrid system is 5.7L.

In terms of quietness, Geely icon, through the optimization and improvement of structural design, manufacturing process and application materials, has built a quiet cabin with ultra-low NVH as low as 39db with international high standards. The sound insulation effect of the whole vehicle is excellent, and the singing and communication in the vehicle are clear and unimpeded. Only when the engine speed is high can it be interfered.

Full text summary: Geely ICON will further enrich the sequence of Geelys SUV. The new 90% highly restored concept car explains the future technology SUV, which is the most suitable for the mainstream aesthetic and lifestyle of young users at present. Meanwhile, it also carries vehicle standard CN95 efficient composite air conditioning filter, which also opens a new starting point for healthy cars.

SAIC general Chevrolet

Listing date: February 20

A week ago, SAIC general Chevrolet Changxun [Q & a community] took the lead in listing on the Beijing market. After subsidy, the price of new cars was 159900-179900 yuan, and four models of star share, Star River, nebula and star universe were launched. The new car is equipped with permanent magnet synchronous motor, and the NEDC has a comprehensive endurance of 410km.

Changxun: 159900-179900 (refer to transaction price)

[purchase a car and enjoy multiple driving values

With Changxuns listing, Chevrolet sincerely offers multiple driving value courtesies, such as taking office, lending, changing, enjoying and charging, to provide consumers with a more secure car selection and purchase experience.

[design language of muscle three-dimensional streamline

u00b7The proportion of the front of the car shows the trend of widening and lowering. The protruding shape above the engine hood, combined with the variable cross-section air curtain channel located at the bottom of both sides of the front face, highlights the strong and powerful facial expression.

u00b7The design of the front face follows the classic style of Chevrolet. The upper part of the double grille is unfolded by the gold bow tie sign and integrated with the full LED headlamp through the electroplating trim. The charging port is hidden in the Chevrolet logo and integrated with the front bumper.

u00b7The front lamp designed with double arrow shape adopts matrix full LED technology, while the simple and sharp design of lamp interior circle increases the sense of technology and motion, and strengthens the transverse visual width of the whole vehicle.

u00b7The raised window line and suspended roof create a dynamic posture. The surround kit runs from the front to the rear. It is equipped with 17 inch aluminum alloy two-color wheels, with length, width and height of 4665 / 1813 / 1538 (1513) mm and wheelbase of 2660mm.

u00b7The rear design creates a sense of hierarchy and strength. The whole D-pillar highlighted black design continues from the roof to the tail lamp and the tail door. The two element tail lamp is decorated with Obsidian trim. The steering lamp and the side lamp lighting effect has a full sense of technology.

[hydrogen blue color matching new energy exclusive

u00b7Equipped with a 10.1-inch full liquid crystal suspended touch screen, multi-functional steering wheel with a downward angle design, the three-dimensional cutting seat adopts a double layered design at the shoulder and waist, providing the ultimate wrapping and perfect lateral support.

u00b7Large area of seats are made of degradable environmental protection leather and linear technology graphic pattern. The central armrest adopts a novel leap layer design, which divides the storage function into three dimensions. The roof is equipped with an integrated skylight with an area of 154 * 1180mm.

[more intelligent agicom and mylink +

Chevrolet Changxun is equipped with Bosch esp9.3 electronic stability control system as standard, and FCA front collision warning and LDW lane departure warning are used for medium and high configuration vehicles to provide all-round security for car owners. In terms of comfort configuration, Changxun is equipped with TPMS four-wheel independent tire pressure monitoring, autohold automatic parking, intelligent automatic air conditioning, independent air outlet in the rear row and other rich configurations as standard. In terms of medium and high configuration models, it is also equipped with electric heating of the front seats, electric folding of the exterior rear-view mirror, electric heating of the exterior rear-view mirror, distance prompt in front of FDI, cruise at a fixed speed and other over level functions to provide users with a comfortable and safe car body Proven.

Changxun is equipped with the latest generation of mylink + smart link system and the new generation of anjixing smart car link system as standard, making smart travel more convenient and easy. Equipped with the latest generation of mylink + smart link system, with intelligent voice recognition function, it can realize OTA remote upgrade, provide online map and intelligent navigation, online music and radio, wechat group and other rich functions, and support applecarplay and Baidu carlife. At the same time, all of its car applications can enjoy 100g of OnStar anjixin car application traffic free for life service every year.

u00b7In terms of safety technology configuration, Changxun is equipped with Bosch esp9.3 electronic stability control system with 17 safety subsystems, including EBD electronic brake force distribution, CBC curve brake control, HSA uphill assistance, TCS traction control, VSC vehicle rescue assistance, etc., and FCA front collision warning, LDW lane departure warning, sbza side blind area warning, APA automatic parking, CMB collision Collision mitigation and other intelligent active safety functions.

u00b7In terms of humanized and comfortable configuration, it is equipped with front seat heating, one key window lifting with lock, four window one key lifting with anti pinch function, autohold automatic parking, EPB electronic parking, keyless entry, one key start, automatic folding and unlocking of exterior rear-view mirror.

u00b7There are as many as 28 multi-functional storage spaces in the whole vehicle, 21 of which are distributed on the drivers side, CO drivers side, four doors and seats. After the rear seats are fully leveled, the trunk volume can be expanded from 433l to 1077l.

[410 km

u00b7Changxun is developing based on the new electric vehicle architecture. The maximum power of the permanent magnet synchronous motor is 110KW, the maximum torque is 350n u00b7 m, the acceleration time of 0-50km / h is only 3.6 seconds, and the power consumption of 100km is as low as 13.1kwh.

u00b7The battery capacity of the ternary lithium battery pack is 52.5kwh, the energy density is 140wh / kg, and the endurance mileage is 410km. In the DC fast charging mode, the battery can be charged to 80% within 40 minutes.

u00b7The ternary lithium battery pack adopts an efficient liquid cooling system with precise temperature control, and the whole system is equipped with a standard braking energy recovery system, which can freely choose the level of strong, medium and weak kinetic energy recovery.

u00b7In the chassis suspension, the enhanced McPherson front suspension and multi link independent rear suspension are adopted, and the low roll resistance horse brand sports luxury car tire series are adopted, providing three driving modes of economy, common and sports.

Beijing modern festa pure electricity

Listing date: February 25

Market guidance price: 173800-18800 (after subsidy)

Beijing Hyundai festa pure electric [Q & a | community] was officially launched on February 25. After subsidies, it sold 173800-18800 models, a total of three models. The appearance of the new car continued to follow the sports route, and made the exclusive setting of EV model. With the ternary lithium-ion power battery of Ningde Era, the maximum power of the motor was 135kW, and the NEDC mileage of the car was 490km.

[new car information

As a pure electric version of the model, the feisita electric version continues the movement temperament of the fuel version in the overall appearance modeling, shark front face is full of impact force, and there are also exclusive settings of EV model in detail processing, such as: closed grid, h-logo central charging port, narrow LED matrix lamp group and low wind resistance style wheel rim, etc.

Vehicle size slightly larger than fuel version

The length, width and height of the new car are 4705, 1790 and 1435mm respectively, and the wheelbase is 2700mm. The wheel rim specification is 225 / 45r17, and the curb weight is 1603kg.

16 highlights of ADAS intelligent driving assistance

It is equipped with 16 ADAS intelligent driving assistance systems, including LvDa front vehicle departure reminder, RCCA rear cross anti-collision assistance and sew safe exit warning, etc., which cooperate with 13 driving sensors to ensure proper driving and parking; it cooperates with Baidu to control intelligent home appliances through Baidu intelligent speaker and small home; in the epidemic period, new cars are equipped withu201c Mask , that is, through the intelligent air purification system, to monitor and purify the air in the car.

See the following table for specific configuration differences:

Ningde era battery / continued voyage up to 490km

GAC Toyota willanda

Listing date: February 28

Market guidance price: 171800-241800

Two days ago, GAC Toyota willanda [Q & a | community] was officially launched with a price range of 171800-241800. The new car is built on the tnga based ga-k platform and uses a new modeling design language to provide 2.0L gasoline model, 2.5L hybrid power assembly and three four-wheel drive systems.