University graduates in Wuhan: breaking through in anxiety

 University graduates in Wuhan: breaking through in anxiety

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As usual, February and March are exactly the time for graduates to catch up with the spring job fair. This year, affected by the epidemic, the spring recruitment fair was postponed, the postgraduate retest was postponed, and the thesis defense was postponed, which made Xiaowu and other graduates panic on the three roads of graduation, postgraduate entrance examination and employment.

On February 28, at the press conference of the joint defense and control mechanism of the State Council, Weng Tiehui, Vice Minister of the Ministry of education, said that he would take multiple measures to do a good job in the employment of 8.74 million graduates across the country, with special emphasis on strengthening the assistance to university graduates in Hubei Province. Emerge in an endless stream, modern express reporter learned from Wuhan universities that each Kwai is actively developing plans, online spring job fairs, fast video network interviews and online signing.

[status quo of graduates

While waiting for the postgraduate entrance examination, looking for a job

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According to the data from Hubei Provincial Department of human resources and social security, in 2020, the number of college graduates in Hubei is expected to exceed 440000, an increase of 20000 compared with 2019.

Xiao Wu, a four year old student of Hubei University of Education, was one of them. He took the postgraduate exam two years ago. At present, he is anxiously waiting for the score line to come out. Affected by the epidemic situation, the interview time for the second round examination of Postgraduates may also be pushed back.

Xiao Wus score is only one point lower than last years retest line. He heard that graduate students in some areas will be expanded and expected to have a second interview.

Because all kinds of time are moving backward, graduates can only wait anxiously. Now, Xiao Wu can only prepare the graduation thesis and the content of the postgraduate retest at the same time, but also pay attention to the information of spring recruitment.

The scheduled interview was delayed

Han classmate, a recent graduate of Huazhong University of science and technology, decided early to go to work. Since last autumns recruitment, he has been busy looking for a job.

Compared with most of the graduates whose jobs havent been settled, he was quite sure. Because one company had talked with him about it, and the interview time of another company was delayed because of the arrival of the epidemic.

To be honest, Im a little bit bottomless now. I dont know if there will be any changes. He also wants to try all kinds of spring job fairs online to find more opportunities.

He said frankly, the arrival of the epidemic affected my progress in finding a job. What I can do now is to wait.

Volunteer while looking for a job

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Zhang Yi of Hubei University is very busy. When the reporter contacted her, she just posted a resume on the Internet. My major is not easy to find. Its narrow. She studied environmental design and got the teachers qualification certificate. If she could find a job in art education, it would be good.

Zhang Yi, a native of Wuhan, has more psychological pressure. However, by the end of February, she has found many opportunities online. Not only for our school, but also for the enrollment platform of foreign schools. Compared with offline job fairs, online dont meet job fairs have a more one paper for life feeling. The materials are hard and basically useless. Zhang Yi is a little worried: even if the job is found online, what about the interview? I graduated in June. Can I get in in time? She expects the epidemic to pass quickly.

She is still a volunteer in Wuhan. At first, it was used to transport all kinds of materials. Later, it was mainly responsible for answering the medical consultation hotline. At the end of January and the beginning of February, there were many telephones. There were hundreds of them a day. They were all bed seekers. Now, novel coronavirus pneumonia patients are seeking help from less than ten days a day. Although the pressure to find a job is not small, she always insists on doing a good job as a volunteer. Because in Wuhan, we should always do something.

[college response

Online recruitment and fast video interview Kwai Chung

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In early February, the University sent a letter to the employers and graduates, announcing the cancellation of all offline recruitment meetings and publicity meetings.

The offline spring recruitment fair was cancelled, and colleges and universities in Wuhan set up online recruitment fairs in succession. After screening, Hubei University selected four platforms for online recruitment. By the time of publishing, there were 411 enterprises settling in on the four platforms, and online double selection with students. Mr. Xiao said that the online job fairs had a good effect. Compared with the same period of previous years, the employment rate data even went against the trend. He said: up to now, the employment rate of graduate students and undergraduates in our school is 30.48% and 12.46%, which is up compared with the same period of previous years. I analyzed the reasons. I used the function of signing online. In the past years, some students may have signed it, but they didnt hand it in. This year, they signed it online directly. The data feedback is relatively fast. But Xiao also said that the pressure is still great, what we need to do is to calm the childrens mentality, and in addition, we need to touch the situation more accurately, more thoroughly, and give timely guidance.

Liu Wenbin, deputy director of the employment center of Wuhan University, said that Wudas online signing channel has been in use since 2015. At present, more than 20000 units on the platform register in the background, and they can log in at any time to release recruitment information. Wuhan University is contacting the third party platform for online preaching and Internet interviews. Liu Wenbin said: now we have talked with Kwai soon, because they are also doing well with the Peking University and other brothers institutions. After the discussion, students can watch the companys lectures at home through mobile phones, computers and tablets. After that, we want to do the job interview by Kwai Fu video.

According to the reporter, several universities, including Wuhan University, Huazhong University of science and technology, Central South University and so on, will jointly build online publicity and recruitment platform for students, so as to facilitate the joint entry of enterprises and give students more choices.

[Ministry of education

Will increase the policy inclination to Hubei

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On February 28, the joint defense and joint control mechanism of the State Council held a press conference. Weng Tiehui, Vice Minister of the Ministry of education, and you Jun, Vice Minister of the Ministry of human resources and social security, introduced policies to encourage enterprises to attract college graduates for employment.

Weng Tiehui said that this year, the number of college graduates nationwide is 8.74 million. The original pressure on employment is not small. In addition to the impact of the outbreak of the epidemic, the pressure is increasing. The Ministry of education will put graduates employment in a prominent position. It will start from four aspects, one is to maximize employment opportunities, the other is to expand the channels for graduates to enter higher education, the third is to open up recruitment channels through various ways It is to provide more accurate guidance services.

Weng Tiehui also focused on the job security of college students in Hubei Province. She said that she would strengthen the support for college graduates in Hubei, compared with college graduates in other regions, Hubei students, especially those from Wuhan, are more special. Affected by the epidemic, they may return to school later. These students are not only in Colleges and universities in Hubei Province, but also in all parts of the country. Therefore, we require all colleges and universities in the country to do a better job in a more humane way, and provide accurate services for the employment of these students, especially graduates.

At the same time, Hubei universities, especially Wuhan universities, are likely to return to school later this year. The Ministry of education will increase the preferential policy in employment, graduation and other aspects. Mr. Weng Tiehui said: we keep in touch with Hubei Provincial Department of education, such as in the ad hoc position plan, the central grass-roots project, the graduate enrollment plan, the college to college enrollment plan, etc Theres more tilt on the side.

At the same time, the Ministry of Education said it would also hold a special online recruitment activity for Hubei universities and students of Hubei nationality, and actively coordinate with employers to extend the recruitment time, postpone the physical examination time and postpone the signing of enrollment. We will continue to introduce relevant measures in this regard and carry out targeted work so that students of Hubei nationality and graduates of colleges and universities in Hubei can feel at ease, said Weng Tiehui