For the first time, Wuhan requires the leading group to be the leader and deploy three systems

 For the first time, Wuhan requires the leading group to be the leader and deploy three systems

At the meeting, he put forward new requirements for cadres in Wuhan. He said that he hoped that the more we reached this stage, the more we should work hard, be a good leader and dare to put forward take me as an example.

After the novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic prevention and control started, the leader formulation was first appeared. For Wuhan cadres, the test they are facing is still going on.

Deploy three systems

It is not empty talk to be a good leader. Wang Zhonglin put forward a very specific plan for this, which can be summarized as three systems:

First, the work account management system of the headquarters. All matters agreed at the headquarters meeting shall be listed and checked item by item to cancel the number. It cannot be finished after the meeting, but it shall be deployed, inspected, fed back and implemented.

Second, the leading group of the party and government, the Standing Committee of the Municipal Peoples Congress and the main comrades in charge of the CPPCC municipal committee shall establish a daily work dynamic system. To enhance the communication and understanding among the members of the team and enhance the overall cooperation in a dynamic way.

Third, the weekly work report system for all members of the four members team. Weekly report: work every day of the previous week, strengthen mutual supervision, cant do a good job or a bad job.

Fighting the epidemic requires our cadres to be confident. Wang Zhonglin said that the role of leader is crucial, and the status affects the overall situation of the battle. All Party members and cadres in the city should overcome the mentality of paralysis, weariness of war, fluke mentality and relaxation, so as to do a good job of leading sheep to boost the spirit of cadres at all levels.

Zhou Xianwang, deputy secretary of the municipal Party committee and mayor of Wuhan, Hu Shuguang, chairman of the CPPCC municipal committee, Hu Lishan, director of the Standing Committee of the Municipal Peoples Congress, deputy secretary of the municipal Party committee and head of the Organization Department, etc. attended the conference, gathering the leaders of four sets of teams in Wuhan.

District Party committee secretary and district chief look for the gap

Zheng Zhi noted that during the outbreak, Wuhan attached great importance to fully mobilize and give full play to the positive role of leading cadres. In addition to the leadership of the four sets of teams, there were also district party secretary and district chief.

Two days ago, novel coronavirus pneumonia prevention and control headquarters was held in February 27th by Wang Zhonglin.

Wang Zhonglin came up with a detailed case at the meeting and asked the district party secretary and district chief via video: do you know the feedback from the masses?

He said at the meeting that as long as the masses raise their demands, we must respond in a timely manner. We should not only shout slogans, but also push the problems reflected by the masses in the mayors hotline and other channels to the Secretary of the District Committee and the district chief every day. We hope that everyone will take their seats according to their orders and find their own gaps.

We have to bite the bullet and seize the current opportunity. Now we are not allowed to do it slowly. At the meeting, Wang Zhonglin asked cadres at all levels to strengthen their determination and tenacity to win, as well as the drive to implement it. Dont hesitate to make a move. It will work.

As soon as you relax, you may lose all your achievements

To make leading cadres leaders is to give full play to their leading and inspiring role and boost morale. It is worth mentioning that at present, the leading cadres should drive the general public.

At the meeting held on the afternoon of the 29th, Wang Zhonglin not only put forward requirements for cadres, but also made arrangements for the key work that leading cadres should make up their minds to do well. Among them, he mentioned that we should focus on the establishment of epidemic free communities, communities, streets and urban areas, and mobilize the broad participation of the public, we should lift the air and tighten our teeth.

We know that the epidemic prevention and control in Wuhan has entered a new stage. On the afternoon of February 28, Chen Yixin, deputy leader of the central steering group and Secretary General of the central political and Legal Commission, supervised and inspected the epidemic prevention and control work in Wuchang District of Wuhan city and held a symposium, saying that the current epidemic situation in Wuhan has been effectively controlled and the epidemic situation has changed from a high-level operation period to a medium-level operation period.

In response, Chen Yixin said that we should fight a peoples war against the epidemic, promote the establishment and development of non epidemic areas, and achieve comprehensive victory in the fight against the epidemic as soon as possible. He demanded that every effort be made to find out the base number and progress of the epidemic. Its not about math, its about style.

Zheng noted that novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic prevention command headquarters was held on the same day, and the work of creating epidemic free villages in Wuhan (villages, communities, streets and urban areas) was discussed in detail. Wang Zhonglin held a special meeting on the topic. He said that leading cadres should mobilize the masses to fight together. It is necessary to continue to implement strict containment management measures by taking the opportunity of establishing epidemic free communities. The management of community closure and control cannot be relaxed, once relaxed, all the previous achievements may be discarded.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia patients in Wuhan: 1675 cases

Li Yang, deputy director of the center for Disease Control and prevention of Hubei Province, introduced at the meeting that as of February 29, 2020, there were 2761 cases of disease deaths in the whole province, 34 cases of new disease deaths in the whole province on February 29, of which 26 cases in Wuhan accounted for 76% in the whole province. As of February 29, 31187 cases had been cured and 2292 new cases had been discharged on February 29, of which 1675 were in Wuhan, accounting for 73% of the total.

Health and Health Commission: the cure rate of confirmed cases in Wuhan, Hubei and the whole country continues to rise

In the past week, the cure rate of confirmed cases in Wuhan, Hubei and the whole country continued to rise, with 52.1% of the cases cured and discharged nationwide, indicating that the overall situation of national epidemic prevention and control continued to improve, the medical treatment effect was obvious, and the treatment pressure was being reduced.