1 newly diagnosed novel coronavirus pneumonia cases in Hongkong were confirmed in 96 cases.

 1 newly diagnosed novel coronavirus pneumonia cases in Hongkong were confirmed in 96 cases.

At a briefing held by the Department of health and the hospital authority of the Hong Kong SAR Government on February 1, Zhang Zhujun, director of the infectious diseases department of the health protection center of the Department of health, said that the confirmed case was a 71 year old woman who had worked as a volunteer in a Buddhist temple in the north corner. She began coughing and rhinorrhea on February 12. On February 29, she called the health protection center and was sent to the United hospital. On March 1, she was officially diagnosed. At present, there are 16 confirmed cases related to the Buddha Hall in Hong Kong.

The two new suspected cases were a 68 year old woman and a 56 year old man on the diamond princess. They were tested negative in Japan, but returned to Hong Kong for a preliminary positive serum antibody test. They are waiting for further tests at Marys hospital.

The other two cases were a couple, 79 years old husband and 76 years old wife, all of whom had diabetes. They were sent to the hospital because of discomfort and were initially diagnosed on March 1.

Hongkong has reported 96 novel coronavirus pneumonia confirmed cases and 2 suspected cases, of which 60 are receiving isolation treatment in hospitals, 36 are discharged and two are dead. According to Ho Wan Hsia, general administrative manager (patient safety and risk management) of the Hong Kong Hospital Authority, of the 60 inpatients, one was critically ill, three seriously ill and 56 stable.

One newly confirmed case in Hong Kong has been to fuhuijingshe in Fotang

Novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic in Hongkong was announced in March 1st by the Hongkong SAR government. As of 16:30 p.m. Monday, one newly confirmed case in Hong Kong, a 71 year old female patient, had been to fuhuijingshe, a Buddhist hall in North Point, where several confirmed cases had been reported recently.