UNICEF donated more than 12 tons of anti epidemic materials to Wuhan

 UNICEF donated more than 12 tons of anti epidemic materials to Wuhan

This batch of materials includes masks, protective clothing, goggles, medical gloves, thermometers, sample collection bags and hand sanitizers, with a total volume of about 100 cubic meters, which are purchased by UNICEF from Germany to help fill the gap of basic materials needed for epidemic prevention and control. The supplies will be transported to Wuhan and other parts of Hubei Province, where the epidemic is most serious. At present, UNICEF has donated nearly $1 million worth of materials with a total weight of more than 30 tons.

In China, tens of thousands of patients are still receiving treatment, and medical staff still need material support. UNICEF hopes to help bridge the material gap and support the epidemic prevention and control work by donating the most urgently needed personal protective equipment and medical equipment. In the fight against the epidemic, we will always work hand in hand with China. Cynthia McCaffrey, UNICEF representative in China, said when handing over materials to the Chinese government at Pudong International Airport in Shanghai.

At the Shanghai Pudong International Airport Freight Station, the latest batch of UNICEF assisted medical materials in China were shipped to Wuhan from the logistics system of China Post.

In addition to providing novel coronavirus, UNICEF also joined hands with WHO, the national health and Health Committee and other partners to enhance public health information and clarify error messages so as to further understand the preventive measures against new coronavirus pneumonia among children, pregnant women, adolescents and their families.

UNICEF, in cooperation with China Center for Disease Control and prevention, has developed online epidemic prevention and control training courses for medical and health workers across the country. It has also compiled a set of FAQs for maternal and child health protection, produced multimedia health science materials, and publicized them to the public through social media.

Female teachers squat in Holland for half a month and bring back 200000 masks and other materials for donation

Although he has been back to Chengdu for nearly half a month, up to now, Chen Mian can still recall the scene when he bought a mask in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, go out at 9 a.m. to try his luck in a physical store, go back to his place of residence at noon to have a casual meal, and order online in the afternoon to continue to buy. In the past half a month, she has traveled all over Holland, half of Germany and more than 2000 kilometers, and finally brought back eight boxes of anti epidemic materials. And these materials, she did not stay, all donated to the most needy hospital.

Lang Ping donates ventilator to Wuhan and writes poems: brothers from all over the world cherish spring breeze

A few days ago, photos of Chinese womens volleyball coach Lang Ping donating ventilator and other materials to Wuhan flowed out. The low-key Lang Ping didnt say it and didnt want to say it, but it was still presented by the kind-hearted medical staff in Wuhan.