Retired veterans drive 3500 kilometers to Wuhan to deliver materials

 Retired veterans drive 3500 kilometers to Wuhan to deliver materials

Youqingshan, 33, a retired soldier, has been engaged in freight transportation for 12 years. In the middle of February, you Qingshan and his cousin set out from Chengdu and transported a truck of materials to Lhasa. After that, he learned from his friends that a batch of materials needed to be transported to Wuhan to support the epidemic area, and after a brief consideration, he decided to go there. On the way from Lhasa to Wuhan, he traveled through Tibet, Qinghai, Shaanxi and other provinces, accompanied by snow mountains, deserts and Gobi. This is the most thrilling and beautiful journey in our life. I would like to come even if I knew the risks in advance, he said. When a country is in trouble, it will return when it is called. We will work hard to deliver the goods safely and let ourselves go home safely.

After you Qingshan unloaded the materials, he ate hot dumplings in the medical team.

You Qingshan traveled 3500 kilometers by car and transported materials to the epidemic area of Wuhan.

On the way, you finished the self heated rice and instant noodles three days before you went to Qingshan, and then you didnt eat the hot rice. You can only live on snacks.

Its extremely cold to travel through Kunlun Mountain and snow mountain plateau along Qingshan mountain. Tour Qingshan Mountain / map supply

267 cases of edible oil produced in Tibet, weighing about 5 tons.