Thanks for donating 5000 sets of protective clothing and 100000 masks

 Thanks for donating 5000 sets of protective clothing and 100000 masks

After the release of the tweet, it caused a warm response from netizens and has won thousands of praise. Many Japanese netizens expressed their thanks, and some even commented in Chinese.

Thank you very much, said a Japanese netizen who said in his profile that he had passed hsk4! Lets work together and stop the coronavirus!

Another Japanese netizen wrote: I thank the Chinese government for its friendship!

A Japanese netizen who wrote a little interested in China in his profile also wrote: I hope that the recent serious events make the two countries more and more connected. After the disappearance of the new pneumonia, I look forward to many Chinese coming to Japan to enjoy their travel.

Some netizens said that they were moved to tears and said in the message: the Japanese governments bad response must be more clear to everyone outside.. Nevertheless, I am willing to support us, which moved me to tears. Thank you very much.

Some netizens also expressed their wish for an early end: thank you for your support and assistance, and pray that your country, Japan, and the countries that are suffering from the virus will end the epidemic as soon as possible.

Some netizens said, although some people in Japan slander and slander China, I have to thank you for your warm support here. Lets cross this difficulty together!

Some netizens not only expressed their thanks, but even asked, is China enough?? Is it all right? I hope it will end soon. After watching a lot of videos about Wuhan, I began to be interested in this place. I really want to travel when the epidemic is over.

In addition, there are also many friendly conversations among Chinese netizens cheering for Japan under the tweet. A netizen nicknamed de shanbaonian replied under the comment of a Japanese netizen who expressed his thanks in Chinese: mutual help and mutual assistance, friendship will last forever.

Some people commented on the Japanese netizens that Japan is going to fight hard next. Lets win the virus together. they replied: Castle Peak, together with wind and rain

Besides, there are many such warm and friendly dialogues. Perhaps as the microblog user said, this is also a drop of grace, Yongquan phase reported it.