Girls commit suicide without mobile Internet class? Their father: the school will issue an exam on the day of the accident

 Girls commit suicide without mobile Internet class? Their father: the school will issue an exam on the day of the accident

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According to the post, on February 29, Li, the second daughter of Shangying village, Zhangcun Town, Dengzhou City, Henan Province, had no money at home to buy her mobile Internet lessons. She couldnt think of it for a while, swallowing her mothers drugs for treating mental illness in large quantities, leading to her dying life

As for the reason of Lis suicide, Lis father, Lis party, told the Red Star News reporter, I dont know whether its for mobile phones or what, she didnt say, just guess. Li said that the sisters in the family share a mobile phone. Both the eldest daughter and the second daughter need to use the mobile phone for online lessons. When the eldest daughter finishes her homework, the second daughters time is over. I dont know if its for mobile phones or if I dont want to do my homework.

My daughter drank a small bowl of medicine, Li told Red Star news that her daughter is still recovering in the hospital.

About the family situation of online communication, Li said that there are three children in the family, the second child who committed suicide, the ninth grade, there is a sister on the top, a senior one, and a younger brother on the bottom, in the sixth grade. Li said that at present, the main source of income for his family is to mend shoes for others. They have to go to the market to mend shoes. They can earn 120 yuan for a trip. All the money at home is for children to go to school, and they dare not use it in other places.

Li said that in the past, children didnt use mobile phones, but now they have to take online classes, and theres no way to use them. On the day of the accident (school), there will be exam questions, so they are in a hurry. But now I dont know the reason for her (suicide), and I usually dont criticize her at home.

At the same time, Li also told the Red Star News reporter that after the incident, the neighbors around him knew that his family was in difficulty. They donated more than 10000 yuan to us. How to use this money? Id like to see how much it costs for my daughters hospitalization, and then decide.

On the evening of March 1, Du Mou, Secretary of Shangying village committee, said in an interview with the Red Star News reporter that there was speculation in the online articles, its not that. This parent is very angry now.

At the same time, Du also said that although Li was disabled and his wife had mental illness, his familys condition was not so serious, their family is very angry.

According to Du, Li did take his mothers overdose of drugs to treat mental illness, which led to hospital admission, which is not a big problem at present. Referring to the cause of Lis suicide, Du said the local police and government departments are investigating.

On March 1, the news office of Dengzhou municipal government issued a notice on a girls gambling and drug drinking in Dengzhou as follows: on February 29, 2020, Lis party in Shangying village, Zhangcun Town, Dengzhou city found his daughter Lis gambling and drug drinking, and then called 120 to send her to Dengzhou Central Hospital for treatment. After the incident, Dengzhou attached great importance to it and arranged the hospital to give full treatment as soon as possible. At present, Lis life is not in danger and his condition is stable. At the same time, Dengzhou has set up an investigation team to investigate the cause of Lis taking medicine, and the investigation will be released in time.