Dr. Li, who treated director Chen, was found to have cured 9 patients with new crown

 Dr. Li, who treated director Chen, was found to have cured 9 patients with new crown

Li Yuehuas clinic

Without the novel coronavirus pneumonia of Chen Beiyang, the former deputy director of the Hubei Provincial Department of justice, Li Yuehua may not know. He may be able to treat the new crown pneumonia.

Li Yuehua is the novel coronavirus pneumonia specialist in Hanyang. Because Chen Beiyangs apology letter said, Dr. Li cured their family of three new crown pneumonia, Li Yuehua has attracted much attention. Shortly after Chen Beiyangs letter of apology was sent out, Li Yuehua began to publish a message on the Internet, saying: director Chen is telling the truth.. He also introduced himself novel coronavirus pneumonia for 15 patients, 9 of whom were cured.

Dr. Li behind the letter of apology

Claims to treat many novel coronavirus pneumonia patients

Novel coronavirus pneumonia was diagnosed in 3 people in the north of Wuhan, during the epidemic, when a letter of help from hundreds of owners in the village of Tao Shan village in Wuhan was reported on the afternoon of February 13th.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia was released in February 24th by the Hubei Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection. The results showed that after the diagnosis of new crown pneumonia, the family members were not subject to centralized isolation, admission treatment and other measures. Chen Beiyang was punished by staying in the party for observation and was reduced to the retirement treatment for the first-class investigator.

Chen Beiyang wrote a letter of apology to the residents of the community before the results of the handling by the Commission for Discipline Inspection and supervision came out.

The apology letter clarified that the reason for staying at home was that there were no beds in many hospitals. At the same time, the letter mentioned that Dr. Li Yuehua, a private clinic, would be invited to visit us for treatment through friendship.

From the perspective of therapeutic effect, it is quite considerable: my body temperature returned to normal after 3 days of treatment, my wifes body temperature returned to normal after 4 days of treatment, and my sons body temperature returned to normal after 7 days of treatment.

After that, Li Yuehua wrote on the Internet: I am the one who cured the three members of Chen Beiyangs family. Director Chens letter of apology is completely true. Now director Chen and his son have been negative twice.

Li Yuehua, born in 1964, in the outpatient department of Hanyang No.1 community, the blue word Institute of difficult and miscellaneous diseases on the glass door is very eye-catching, and he calls himself director. The blue billboard above his clinic has faded under the wind and sun, hemorrhoids, herpes, condyloma, dysmenorrhea and infertility and other publicity.

Li Yuehuas clinic

Li Yuehua said that novel coronavirus pneumonia was the first case in his clinic, which was about 10 in February 1st. That was a period of overcrowding and hard time in Wuhan hospital. He said he treated 15 patients, nine of whom improved. He used a kind of Acupoint Injection and got a national patent. The name of the patent is a kind of Acupoint Injection, which is actually a trace of phenol injected into four acupoints around the neck.

According to an online video posted by Li Yuehua, a few years ago, Hubei Education Channel reported that Li Yuehua and his clinic were entitled acupoint injection obtained national patent and international patent.

Among the cured patients provided by Li Yuehua, there are some over 80 years old people, some over 30 years old people, and even 106 year old people who are injected with prophylaxis.

Network video picture

Isolated as a close contact

Cured patients are still treated in isolation

According to the list of cured patients provided by Li Yuehua, the cover news reporter called a number of patients, some of whom said that they did feel control of the disease at that time, but the final nucleic acid test was still positive and hospitalized. One of the men, who had been vaccinated, ended up in a shelter hospital.

The novel coronavirus pneumonia, 43, said that the three of them had taken CT to show the suspected crown pneumonia, because Chen Beiyang was a colleague before Chen Beiyangs introduction, so Li Yuehua asked for help. On February 1, our family confirmed, he gave me five injections, and I am still in the hospital of traditional Chinese medicine. My husband and my mother are in a more serious condition. After the injection, it seems that it has not been aggravated, nor can it be said that it has been alleviated, nor is it particularly obvious to reduce the fever, but thank him.

Li Yuehuas first case, the four members of Ms. Lius family, was told by relatives. Around January 24, the hospital was overcrowded. Ms. Lius father said that at this time, they contacted Li Yuehua, who came to help them for more than 10 days in a row. We didnt wear masks when we went in, so we gave him one.

Ms. Lius father introduced that her daughter first appeared ill, and later was diagnosed. Then he and his wife had fever one after another, I got an injection, and the fever subsided the next day. Ms. Lius father said that up to now, his nucleic acid test is negative. It may be effective for me, but I cant judge now, but thank him very much for coming to see us in the new year.

After seven injections, Ms. Liu tested positive for nucleic acid and was discharged from hospital seven days later. Her mother continued to have a fever seven days after the injection. Dr. Li transfused fluid again, and then injected several more needles, but he still couldnt. Ms. Lis father said that his wife is still in the hospital for treatment. He gave my son-in-law a shot of prevention, but his son-in-law was later diagnosed and went to fangcang hospital for a week.

Later, the cover news contacted Chen Beiyangs son, who said it was not convenient for him to be interviewed at present.

He was identified as a close contact and sent to a nearby hotel for quarantine that night.

Li Yuehua is interviewed by cover journalists

Not qualified as a physician

Injection of phenol without permission

According to the report, on February 25, Hubei Provincial Health and Health Commission issued a letter to the comprehensive supervision bureau, and sent personnel to the scene for investigation on February 26.

According to the investigation, Li Yuehuas practice license for medical institutions, which is located in the Hanyang ainth TCM outpatient department, is valid from January 4, 2017 to January 3, 2022. Approved diagnosis and treatment subjects: Internal Medicine; traditional Chinese medicine (acupuncture, massage and rehabilitation), address: No. 30-32, No. 172, Yongan hall, Hanyang District, Wuhan City, registration and issuing authority: Hanyang District Health Bureau.

Since January 2019, the medical institution has not carried out regular calibration as required.

The doctors practice certificate provided by Li Yuehua shows that it was issued by Wuhan Health Bureau on April 25, 2004 with the number of 151420100002727.

At the same time, according to Li Yuehuas medical practice certificate, the system shows that no corresponding medical information has been retrieved. Input the name Li Yuehua and 41 search information will be displayed in the system. There is no information to match with Li Yuehua, the legal representative of Hanyang ainth TCM clinic. At the same time, according to the notice of the Provincial Department of health on the qualification of 117414 doctors including Shi Junlin (EWF [2001] No. 104), 176 doctors in Hanyang District of Wuhan city passed the examination, and Li Yuehua was not among them. After searching the identification documents issued by the health department of Hubei Province, there was no name of Li Yuehua. In February 24th,

When Li Yuehua was investigated by law enforcement officers of Hanyang District Health Bureau of Wuhan City, he admitted that he had not obtained the doctors practice certificate.

Invention patent certificate presented by Li Yuehua

According to the investigation report, in the investigation, Li Yuehua claimed that the patent injection was used for the treatment of Chen Mous three people, and presented the patent certificate of invention, the name of the invention: a acupoint injection; the inventor: Li Yuehua; the patent number: zl201110136639.9. Settlement department: State Intellectual Property Office of the peoples Republic of China, date: February 27, 2013. It is indicated in the abstract of the certificate that phenol in the invention is the main therapeutic drug.

Invention patent certificate presented by Li Yuehua

On February 20, in an interview with cover journalists,

Li Yuehua said that the novel coronavirus pneumonia injection for himself was 5/10000 phenol.