The first confirmed case of new coronavirus infection in four countries

 The first confirmed case of new coronavirus infection in four countries

Irelands Ministry of Health reported the countrys first confirmed case Tuesday, a man who has been to Italy, and Irish authorities said they were investigating his close contacts. Luxembourg, also in Europe, reported the countrys first confirmed case on Tuesday. The patient has also traveled to Italy and is currently being quarantined in hospital. His family is asymptomatic but has also been quarantined.

Ecuadors first case of new coronavirus infection was announced by the Ministry of health on September 29. The 70 year old woman returned to Guayaquil, Ecuadors largest city, from Madrid, Spain, on April 14, and is in critical condition.

A Qatari male citizen returning from Iran has been confirmed as the countrys first case of new coronavirus infection, the Ministry of Health announced Tuesday.

Angelo Borrelli, Minister of civil protection and Commissioner of the new coronavirus emergency committee, said that as of 18:00 on the 29th, there were 1049 cases in Italy, of which 52% were asymptomatic or mild isolated patients at home and 105 were severe cases. If the number of previously cured or dead cases is added, the total number of confirmed cases in Italy is 1128. Italy has closed down towns in the north where at least one confirmed case has occurred.

French health authorities reported that as of 18:00 on the 29th, a total of 100 cases of new coronavirus infection had been reported nationwide, 12 of which had been cured and 2 died. French President Marcon held an emergency ministerial meeting on the epidemic on the same day, and decided to strengthen the prevention and control measures in the more severe areas. All gatherings gathering more than 5000 people in a closed environment and some outdoor activities were temporarily cancelled throughout France.

Three new cases of coronavirus infection have been reported in the UK, with a total of 23 confirmed cases, the health department said Tuesday. Confirmed cases in Austria rose to 10 on the 29th, and Prime Minister Kurtzs scheduled visit to the United States was delayed. Greece announced on the evening of the 29th three new confirmed cases, a total of 7 confirmed cases across the country. As of December 29, Romania has reported three cases of new coronavirus infection. Georgia reported on the 29th day of the third confirmed case.

As of 10:00 p.m. on the 29th, there were more than 40 new cases and more than 110 confirmed cases in Germany. German health minister Jens Spang said on social media twitter the same day that EU health ministers will meet next week to discuss joint action in view of significant changes in the epidemic situation in many European countries in the past few days.

In Asia, the latest statistics released by the disease management department of South Korea on March 1 showed that from 16:00 on February 29 to 9:00 on March 1 local time, 376 new cases and 2 new cures were found in South Korea, with a total of 3526 confirmed cases and 17 deaths. Among the newly diagnosed patients, 333 were in Daegu city and 26 in North Qingshang road.

Japan reported 8 newly confirmed cases and 241 cases in total. In addition, there were 705 confirmed cases among passengers and crew of the Diamond Princess, with a total of 946 cases, 11 deaths and 56 serious cases. Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said at a press conference on the evening of the 29th that he would use more than 270 billion yen (17.5 billion yuan) of this years reserve funds to launch a second round of emergency measures in the next 10 days or so.

The number of confirmed cases rose to 593, 43 of whom died and 123 were cured, Irans health ministry said Thursday. Iraqs Ministry of Health said Friday that five new cases were reported on the same day, with a total of 13 confirmed cases. Lebanons Ministry of Health announced Wednesday that three new cases, a total of seven, were reported that day.

In Australia, a new coronavirus infected person died at a hospital in Perth, Western Australia, in the early hours of March 1 local time, the first death in Australia. According to Andrew Robertson, chief health officer of Western Australia, the patient was a 78 year old man who had been evacuated from the diamond princess with his wife. In addition, New South Wales 29, a new confirmed case, a total of 26 confirmed cases in Australia.

In the Americas, Canadas Ministry of Health reported Thursday that four more cases were confirmed that day, with a total of 20 confirmed cases nationwide. Mexicos Ministry of Health said Thursday that one new confirmed case was found on the same day, and four cases have been confirmed.

Brazils Ministry of Health said Tuesday that the second confirmed case occurred. According to local media reports, Brazilian institutes such as Adolfo Lutz Institute sequenced the genome of the virus in Brazils first confirmed case, and found that there were some places different from the virus found in Wuhan. The first case in Brazil was returned from Italy, the researchers said, and his virus was different from that found in Germany.